Best Remaster CD of Holy Diver?

I see there seem to be two or three versions: 2005 with bonus interview, 2012 Deluxe 2 Disc, and what appears to be a 2103 Japanese import of the 2012 Deluxe version.  Great album, but the original 1983 mix by Dio himself suffered from his compressed and upper midrange-only sound.

Are there substantial improvements in the remasters?  Which is best?

Thanks,  OGOgre
Don't know but let us know it's a great album!

I have not found one. I was fortunate enough to be a teenager in the 80's and really racked/stacked all of those great CDs in the Metal genre'.

These were never really meant to be 'audiophile' grade, not even on vinyl.
Still, I love those early pressing CDs. It is a great album as is, IMO.
I meant 2013 version.  Presumably by 2103 music will be downloaded directed into cerebral cortex a la Johnny Mnemonic, LOL.

I saw RJD on twice on the Heaven and Hell tour in '80 or so and then again on the Holy Diver tour in '83 or '84 (when I watched the sound check and met Jimmy Bain, Vinnie Appice, and Vivian Cambell -- Ronnie stayed at the hotel and didn't usually soundcheck anymore).  Great singer, great songwriter, great showman, but tin-eared when he acted as producer during the EQ'ing. Lots of compression and lots and lots of, I'm guessing, 500-1500 hz.  Holy Diver in particular sounds like it was re-amped through a small transistor radio, which is too bad, because IMO it is among RJD's very best work, along with Heaven and Hell, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, and Rainbow Rising.  Those last three were quite well recorded and mixed, I think.

I just looked at my copy, it is dated 1985.  No remastering mentioned.  I picked it up new maybe 6 months ago.  By no means a masterpiece, but not bad either. Rock on!!
Your '85 version would be the first or second CD pressing, but the original mix. 


for CD or SACD you might want to look into the SHM series. I have a fellow audiophile that collects these discs and remarks that they are better than the 80's pressings.
Got it!

If anyone is still paying attn., the 2005 remaster, the one with the 16 page booklet and an audio interview with RJD is amazing.  All of that nasty compression is gone, and the EQ is excellent.  The credits say the digital remaster was done by Gary Moore and engineered by Craig Goldey.

The 2013 one might be the same remaster or a different one, and it might be even better, but this is excellent.

Cool, where did you find it so we can partake?
It's all over "The 'Bay", so to call it.  I paid $15.99 including shipping for it new.  It is the CD that, if new, has a large red sticker on the front detailing the booklet, remaster, audio interview, etc.  It is not at all rare.

The mix is MUCH better than the original 1983 one.
K thnx, that's the one I thought. 

as luck would have it, on July 26, 2016 there will be a 6-cd Decade of Dio
1983-1993 that is slated for release. Newly remastered titles (vinyl as well).


an update- this newest set is based on a previous remastering.
It will not be a newer remastering for 2016.