Best Rega Option

Hey Folks:

I'm looking at a few turntable options that would allow the use of a Rega arm along with my Dynavector 20XM. I owned an RB300 many years ago--ran it on a Townshend Rock III--and loved it. Since then I see that a number of mods have been developed for the Rega 250 and 300 arms. Most recently, I saw a review of an Audiomods RB250 on Enjoy the Music which looks promising. One precondition is that I need a two meter phonocable to reach my preamp so I'm thinking at a minimum a rewired arm is going to be necessary. What approach has been successful with you? Do I want a modified 250, 300 or one of the "better" models like the 600 or 900? What mods give the most bang for the buck? Which outfit does the best quality work? Thanks for your help.
If you google you can probably find some info on custom rewiring of Rega arms. The various kits aren't going to have 2m of wire, so you'd have to prepare the wire yourself.

These guys could probably mod a Rega arm to your specifications.

Or you could look for an arm with phono or DIN connection at the base, like a used SME.
The best guy in the business for arm mods Rega or otherwise is Johnnie at Audio Origami. He's very popular on all of the UK audio boards and a lot of people go nuts over his rega mods when they get the arm back. I have his PU7 arm and it is a great product. Don't bother with audiomods. Go with the guy that has the best reputation and know you'll get the best possible product and service in return.