Best Red Book CD Player for under $120

Hi, Just checking to see if there is any CD player that stands out these days as the best sounding unit in the $100 range? Thanks
I would recommend a used Marantz 63SE that ocassionally pops up here. Good luck!
If I recall, an Adcom 575 got good press. I have seen them for around $100 on A'gon.

The Toshiba 3980 is a darling with the moders and has a very nice chip set. Readily available at Big Box stores for $49.99
Rotel RCD-855. You may find some other older Rotel's for $120 if you're lucky.

Cambridge Audio CD4, CD4SE, D300, D300SE (most likely the CD4 for $120 or less).

More likely to find these on eBay than here. A CD4SE sold for $150 this week there. If you'll streach there is a Cambridge CD6 listed now starting at $279, no bids. This is a great player.

The Rotel RCD-855 will go for between $75 and $125 on eBay usually depending on whether it has the remote.

I would choose the CD4 over the RCD855, but that's just personal taste. They're both a great bargain used. But you're 10 times more likely to find the RCD855. There is usually at least a listing every one or two weeks on eBay.
Hey Sugarbrie,

Good to see you around again, your insight has been missed.


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An alternative is... if you have a DVD player, you could use it as the player and get a used MSB Link DAC.

The first generation Link DAC goes for $100 to $120.
There is no difference from it and the newest Link III in basic stock form. The difference is the newer Link DAC's can be upgraded with various plug-in boards for more horsepower.

Still a nice DAC in stock form, and for $100-120 it probably is the best bang for your buck if you already have a DVD player with a digital out. Once again also check eBay.

Matty... I passed the Pumps/Purse on to another of Gilbert Yeung's associates. Gilbert had sent me that pair just to play around with. I did not pay for them. They were fun to try out.
Find a used Cambridge Audio Azur 540c cd player,a little more money than 125,but can be found for 200 or so,unbelievable good sound.
Dont bother with a 855 good back in the days dinosaurs walked around the Earth not any more with all the other stuff you can get.
Have to disagree with the dis on the wonderful Rotel 855 player. I liked it better than a Musical Fidelity player, an Arcam 73T, and the new Rotel 1072 in my system. Maybe not as accurate, but more fun with great bass, musicality, and excitement.

Not sure what I'll do when my Rotel 855 finally dies...