Best recordings of Debussy piano music......

I'm looking for audiophile quality and not necessarily performance (although that would be nice) in CD or LP formats (but not SACD or DVD-A). I have some older phillips cds (D to A) recordings which I suspect may not be the best available. thanks.
I had the very good fortune to hear Ivan Moravec playing in a small, maybe 400 seat maximum, setting,it was a converted 3 car garage with a raised stage in the back, treated for acoustics. It was the nearest to what it might have been to be at a Salon. Look especially for Debussy's Images both books. His playing of Debussy was absolutely magical. Not certain if it is necessarily on audiophile quality but the playing is most definitely so. Walter Giesekin is also very good and his LP's of Book's 1 and 2 of Debussy's Preludes are worth listening to as well.
FWIW, I am unaware of any Debussy recordings which are of any special 'audiophile' recording quality. If I want a demo piano recording I go elsewhere.

Of the newer recordings of Debussy I think Ogawa's recordings on BIS are excellent. The performances are very good also. 4 volumes to pick from but I like the first 3 most. I think this could serve you well. Nelson Freire is also starting a set on Decca you might like.

However, recordings that I would not be without would include 1) Moravec's (hell I'd recommend anything by Moravec); 2) Paul Jacobs Images on Nonsuch (LP or CD); and 3)Uchida's 12 Etudes on Philips.

BTW, if your Philips recordings are by Zoltan Kocsis they really are not bad at all. All bright and sparkly early DDD recordings.

As suggested above: Moravec and Jacobs are both wonderful in
presenting Debussy's music.

The various Jacobs recordings on the Nonesuch label were
recorded by the team of Teresa Nickrenz and Marc Aubort.
They are superbly recorded.

Moravec made at least two recordings of Debussy piano music
for the Connoisseur Society label in the 1960s. These were
produced by Alan Silver and are some of the best piano
recordings available, notwithstanding their age. One of
these LPs (CS 2010) was re-mastered and reissued by Athena
Productions in a superb sounding pressing. If you ever see
the Athena ALSY 10002 reissue LP, get it.

And, Michelangeli made a very special set of Images I & II
for DGG. Well worth hearing.
If you want to go more old school, you might be able to find Walter Geiseking's recordings of the Debussy Preludes on the "burlap" Angels, the mono ones.
Have to "fifth" Paul Jacobs on Nonesuch, not only for recording, (and wonderful Lp's mastered at Masterdisk), but also for the performances--wonderful gleam and glint, but no skimping on Debussy's (somewhat under-acknowledged) "romanticism." Gorgeous piano sound, much like Moravec's Chopin Nocturnes.