best recordings of 2001?

I usually buy 90% of my CD's/LP's at this time of year.
I'm looking for recommendations for music mainly jazz and
classical chamber music from this august readership. Ofcourse sonics are paramount.
What are your favorite discs of this past year(or two)?

Happy holidays to all and thanks to Audiogon for my favorite
audio site.

A release that I am particularly fond of is "Inner Voyage" by Gonzalo Rubalcaba. It is Afro-Cuban style Jazz from a 38 year old Cuban who has only recently been able to travel freely in the US.

You might catch a download to see if his style fits your taste. He is a strange combination of Dave Brubeck, Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans. If you enjoy piano jazz, give him a listen. This particular recording is on Blue Note, a label long known for Jazz.
Two recent releases are favorites of mine:
- Blue Bossa, by Ana Caram, on Chesky JD219
- The Earliest Songbook in England, by Gothic Voices,on Hyperion CDA 67177 (if you like Early Music)
The reissues RVG (Rudy Van Gelder) of artists such as Milt Jackson, Dexter Gordon, J.J. Johnson and Lee Morgan are excellent. I believe all mastered with tube gear.

I know it's not jazz, but the Nickel Creek is maybe the recording of the year. Unbelievable detail and imaging.
I have to agree 100% with Eltic66 on Nickel is bluegrass,is truly outstanding and the trio is soooo talanted...if you enjoy allison krauss, you'll really enjoy nickel creek. Has anyone here heard the Jazzsamba Xmas cd? I have it and it is wonderful. Webpage" This jazz xmas cd was recorded & mixed at the "Cape House on the hill" near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, home of the Bluenose. Recorded in 97 it is still one of my favourtie xmas cds....happy listening and joyous holidays everyone....Lloyd
For Jazz I must go with few choices;

Bill Charlap Trio-"Written in the stars"
Dave Holland-"Not for Nothin"
Kenny Barron-"Freefall"

I also heard that NEW CD from Jacky Tarrasson "Kindred"is very good too.

As for classical I would say that honor has to go to Reference Recordings "Symphonic Dances" ( I know it is not chamber music but I still recommend that due to extraordinary sonic and artistic values)

Enjoy it, Happy Holidays
Celtic66. Please accept my apologies. My fingers could ,I with Scottish blood in me, spell celtic eltic???/duh......see thread above...also, the website I mentioned by Jazzsamba is no longer valid.....I had hoped for some more music from this group....oh well.....cheers, Bluenose
Gotta agree on the Rubalcaba and Holland recommendations. Here are a few other great ones:
-Eberhard Weber, Endless Days (ECM)
-Michael Blake, Drift (Intuition)
-Jack West and Curvature, Big Ideas (ABM (I think))
-Scott Amendola Band (Artofmyheart)
Not sure how outside you'd want to go, but if you want to scorch some new nerve endings w/ some pretty amazing stuff, try:
-Massacre, Meltdown (Tzadik)
-Louis Sclavis, L'Affrontement des Pretendents (ECM)
-Miriodor, Mekano (Cuneiform)
Thanks to all...already picked up the Rubalcaba today!

Ditto on the Eberhard Webber "Endless Days" selection. Sensational.