Best recording of "Fanfare for the Common Man"?

What is your favorite recording of "Fanfare for the Common Man"?
Joan Tower does a good job of that on "American Album". On the same album is "Aaron Copeland for Brass". I enjoy both of them.
Johanos/Dallas Symphony Orchestra gives an exceptionally good performance in a great recording of reference quality, originally issued on Turnabout and reissued on Analogue Productions OO4).

Copland's own performance with the London Symphony Orchestra is hard to beat (Columbia M 30649), but not in the same league sonically as the Johanos.
An absolute audiophile treat AND an excellent performance of not only the Fanfare, but Applachian Spring Suite and the Third Symphony is by Eiji Oue and the Minnesota Orchestra on Reference Recordings RR93. Simply outstanding! The 'Fanfare' will really impress anyone looking for a way to demo his system and the rest will impress anyone looking for fine performances. Don't miss it.
Emerson Lake & Palmer.
I agree with Newbee and add the Atlanta Symphony/Louis Lane version on Telarc (SACD or CD). It is surprisingly good!
Agree with the Reference Recording.
Emerson Lake & Palmer.For those that listen above 70db's
You beat me to it Jdlepera.