Best Recording of Music

What is the best recording of music have you heard on CD, Vinyl? Not Best Music but music that has been recorded for the ultimate in playback and listening. Jazz, classical, pop, rock, etc.

Right now I am listening to the re-mastered box set, Citizen, by Steely Dan and I would have to put that at the top of my list. These guys were genius' in the care they took in how an album was recored imho.
too many great recordings with huge differences in the presentation. given its impact on the world at the time and nothing before was remotely like it..sgt pepper.
Ok bean head, you MUST get a copy of "I Love a Parade" conducted by John Williams no less! This will be your reference by which all others shall be judged.
Thank you mrpresident I will definitely pick up a copy.

As far as sgt pepper I can't disagree. The Beatles, along with their songs, had producer Sir George Martin who had much to do with their success.
Paul Hardcastle - HARDCASTLE - a JVC recording (CD).
"Waves: The Bossa Nova Sessions"
Eden Atwood
Groove Note GRV10121

"Cantate Domino"
Oscar Motet

Among hundreds of others, these are very special to my ears.

Thanks for the suggestions - Just ordered one and I will stop buy and pick up the other on my way home tonight.

Citizen, by Steely Dan and I would have to put that at the top of my list. These guys were genius' in the care they took in how an album was recored imho.

Elliot Scheiner is the man behind Steely Dan, The Eagles and others ....for the longest time he used Yamaha NS-10's which goes to show that a pure genius can work with anything and make it sing beautifully.
Sara K, Waterfalls on the German Stockfisch label, available on CD and LP. Incidentally, look out for anything from Stockfisch. Wonderful clarity, base, excellent dynamics. A great demonstration CD
Never heard good "base" on a recording, now I wonder what I have been missing! :)
>>Never heard good "base" on a recording<<

Chad, Chad, Chad.

Probably because you need a better power chord.
I'm not going to name a best, but it was interesting for me to see Eden Atwood mentioned. Her version of "Blame It On My Youth" on her 45rpm Groove Note vinyl LP "The Ballad Session" is one of my favorite demonstration pieces. It starts a cappela and then the bass joins and finally Tom Harrell on flugel. Her voice is perfect for that song, the bass is incredibly well recorded and Harrell's flugel is so soft an lifelike (I play trumpet and flugel) that it gives me chills. The surfaces are dead-silent and this is a perfectly preserved musical event.

I can't put it up there with Ella's best recordings, like "Take Love Easy" with Joe Pass on guitar, but it IS a wonderful recording. Hmm, why haven't I bought the rest of Eden's discography??? Gotta get busy...

Every cd I own played on my boom box.
Alright, you got me, poor use of English and poor description. I should say a recorded base line which can be reproduced successfully on a good system. I should say that Waterfalls is one of the most startling recordings I have heard. The other is the legendary Dali Demo CD, particularly Hugh Masekela's " Coal Train". Anyone unmoved by the anger in that, has'nt a soul
Colin Walcott "Cloud Dance" on ECM is a recording masterpiece, give or take the music. I think that in it's own way Louis Armstrong's Hot 5's and 7's 78's in mono from the late 20's are sublime.
Dead Can Dance's Into the Labrinth-CD puts out a huge soundstage 3d like,amazing sonics
It is amazing how much good music there is out there from people that I have never heard of. Dead Can Dance sounds fasinating. I looked at some of their You Tube clicks. I will need to pick up that Into the Labyrinth album.
Pickup the new remasters hybrids
The original on cd is great but love to know how these sound
The FIRST releases on Columbia (6 eye) of the Complete works of Anton Webern conducted by Robert Craft
"Ultimate in playback and listening" ? Well, I'll offer these on vinyl... Next week, I might offer a different list.

Stravinsky - Firebird, Dorati/LSO, Mercury/Classic Records 45 rpm reissue (with the Speakers Corner reissue different but still very good)

Stravinsky - Petrouchka, Danon/RPO, Chesky CR42, reissue from the Readers Digest box set, recorded by Kenneth Wilkinson

Kodaly - Hary Janos Suite, Kertesz/LSO, King SuperAnalogue reissue of Decca SXL 6136, another Kenneth Wilkinson/Kingsway Hall recording

Malcolm Arnold - Eight English Dances, Arnold/LPO, Lyrita SRCS 109, yet another remarkable Wilkinson recording

Music for Baroque Cornette, Klimo OW 004

Music for Baroque Violin, Banchini -vn, Klimo OW 002

La Spagna (Music of Spain in the XV-XVI-XVII Centuries), Gregorio Paniagua/Paniagua/AtrmMMadrid, BIS LP 163/164

Villancicos (Spanish Songs of the 15th-16th Centuries), Gregorio Paniagua/Paniagua/AtrmMMadrid, Harmonia Mundi HM 1025

Rossini - Overtures, Gamba/LSO, Decca SXL 2266 Speakers Corner reissue

Rossini - Sonate a Quattro, Salvatore Accardo, et al, Philips 4759648 (2LPs) - reissue

Miklos Rozsa - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Hendl/DallasSO, Heifetz -vn, RCA LSC 2767 45rpm Classic Records reissue

Royal Ballet Gala Performances, Ansermet/RoyalOperaH Covent Garden, RCA LDS 6065 45rpm Classic Records reissue box set

Joni Mitchell - Blue, the Rhino reissue mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray

Neil Young - Greatest Hits, Reprise 48935 Classic Records reissue

Ossian - Seal Song, Iona IR 002

Tannahill Weavers - Cullen Bay, Green Linnett SIF 1108

June Tabor and Martin Simpson - A Cut Above, Topic 12TS410

The Who - Who's Next, Classic Records reissue

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Absolute Originals, 45 rpm box set, mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray

Lightin' Hopkins - Last Night Blues, with Sonny Terry, Prestige Bluesville, 45rpm Analogue Productions reissue

Kenny Drew - Undercurrent, with Freddie Hubbard and Hank Mobley, Blue Note ST 84059 - 45rpm Music Matters reissue (get any of the Music Matters 45rpm reissues)

Hank Mobley - Soul Station, Blue Note ST 84031 - 45rpm Music Matters reissue)
"Somewhere in Time", Los Lobos and Dave Alvin
A friend recently lent me this CD and it just blows me away played on any system I have (I have listened to it about 15 times in the last week!)

Mark O'Connor, Jon Burr & Frank Vignola: HOT SWING!

Released in 2001 on OMAC records, this live performance recorded in February 2000 in Morristown NJ is fantastic, both in terms of music and production. O'Connor's performance in particular is off the hook, especially if you are partial to Stephane Grappelli and acoustic swing jazz. The tone of O'Connor's violin captured on this recording is the sweetest and most natural sounding I have heard on red book CD to date. It makes the Sony classical recordings of strings sound like they are being played on a steel body instruments in comparison. If this type of music is your bag, I highly recommend you check out this CD.
Bongo, that is a great track! My wife use to hate when it came on the radio (it was really overplayed here in Austin). I however think it is a really well performed track, especially their harmonizing...a great matchup. Sadly I don't own this since it was played a lot, now I need to go buy the CD this weekend.

Love it so much for the reasons you state: the simplicity of the storyline, how the instruments create a special vibe that speaks to the feeling of longing and regret at the core of it, the rootsy soundscape, and the call and response between the singers that pull the song along to its finish. It has a magic that seems to raise the bar.

Other songs for me that have that special magic include "Careless" by Paul Kelly from Australia, "Safe European Home" by the Clash, "Trapped" by Bruce Springsteen, and "Mercy Mercy Me" by Marvin Gaye.
Best Jean Sibelius symphonies analog recordings ? Lorin Maazel´s on DECCA in the 60´s are the best I have heard.
My best recorded vinyl LP is Stanley Clarks "if this bass could only talk", this recording is incredibly dynamic and it has my favorite version of "goodbye porkpie hat"
I will 2nd the OP's suggestion of Citizen Dan boxed set.
Being a fan of The Beatles, I must say that their turning point in the Rock era, was "Day Tripper".  Recorded way before its time and it is still fresh-sounding in 2016. Incredible!
Well, here goes some... all lps...

Black Dub "S/T" (first pressing)  pretty amazing!
John Denver "Back Home Again" /Speakers Corner
Janis Joplin "I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again" / Speakers Corner
Alan Parsons "I Robot" (it always sounds great no matter the pressing)
Chet Atkins/Mark Knopfler "Neck And Neck"/first pressing
Neil Young "Massey Hall 1971"/ Classic Records
Miles Davis  all I own that are Columbia 6 eye!!!
Among the very best I've heard is an LP played for me today by a friend. It is a hard to find LP on the Sound Storage Recording Company label with music by Bondon and Debussy performed by the Carter Chamber Ensemble, SSR 2020. This is one of the most realistic, immediate and natural sounding recordings I've ever heard.

The goal of the Sound Storage Recording Company was the "electro-mechanical DUPLICATION of a musical event; i.e., reproduction which would be indistinguishable from the original event in all respects."  Whew! What an aspiration!! 

They only made a limited number of LPs around 1980. I've heard two of them and have been successful in tracking down and buying one of those two for my own shelves. The results they accomplish through incredible attention to detail in every step of the recording process and LP manufacturing process is amazing.
I can't believe we've gotten this far into a "best sounding" thread without someone mentioning Hugh Masekala's "Hope", especially the 45 RPM double LP  from Analogue Productions. It's a great sounding recording and really good music IMHO.
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Many Decca records  are great as well as many EMI and British Columbia classical records.