Best recording audiophile level albums of 2010

Always smart move to ask people like you guys, what its the best of 2010
certainly i trust your ears and taste far better that the Rolling stones....
thank you!
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Well your talking "Audiphile" and Rolling Stone is talking best musical effort.....they are far from same thing.
Often Audiophile recordings suck in terms of content and often the best music in its true sense isnt always recorded to its best potential.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers "Mojo" and a new deluxe edition of "Damn the Torpedoes" are both available on Blu-ray audio in 24 bit high resolution. Audio quality is 10 out of 10. You can also find Damn the Torpedoes on HD Tracks. These are probably the best sounding releases of 2010 in the rock/pop/blues genre.

The sound quality on the Blu-ray of 25th Anniversary Rock n' Roll Hall of fame concert is also outstanding - although the performances are a little contrived, stilted and awkward - as is often the case when guest stars show up for just one guest performance that has not been polished - a fun show but hardly memorable performances.
Or if you have a decent turntable you can just buy a clean Sterling pressing of Damn the Torpedoes for $5 at the local record store and put the rest of the money toward something else.
Neil Young - "Les Noise"
Second "MOJO"........its a fantastic sounding and performed album.
Leonard Cohen -- Songs From The Road
Deerhunter -- Halcyon Digest
Los Lobos -- Tin Can Trust
Shelby Lynne -- Tears, Lies and Alibis
Mimicking Birds -- Eponymous
Joanna Newsom -- Have One On Me
Smoke Fairies -- Through Low Light and Trees
Tame Impala -- Innersound
Peter Wolf -- Midnight Souvenirs
I am not falling for another Newsom CD, sounded like Bjorks twin autistic sister
I am not falling for another Newsom CD, sounded like Bjorks twin autistic sister
geeze, I wish I had seen your post before I bought my first (and only) Joanna Newsom cd!
Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang "The Wonder Show of the World"

I passed a few very pleasant hours with the LP at Highwater Sound in NYC listening through TW Acustic, Tron, and Horning. It's a first class recording and performance.
Bach on a Steinway, Jeffrey Biegel on Piano. Looks like the release is a colaboration between Steinway and the good folks at Arkiv Music. Listening to it right now. Darned good recording.
Dgarretson...thanks for the Will Oldham recommendation. I missed that release but will be tracking it down today. He's one of my favorite artists but one thats hard to keep up with!
Richard, agreed it's hard to keep up with Oldham's output. IMO this is among his best.

Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephan "for the ghost within" LP is beautifully recorded chamber jazz-- original compositions and also nice takes on Monk, Strayhorn, Mercer and others. Less eccentric than typical Wyatt. For my money he's the most wistful yearning pure voice since Orbison.
Singing Ax by J. Tillman out on Western Vinyl [WEST078]

Agreed. Uncanny dynamics and presence to Tillman's voice, almost unheard of in a modern recording; a tip of the hat to Steve Albini/Electrical Audio. Highly recommended.
Wow. This is shaping up to be a great thread for me. First the WIll Oldham recommendation and now a new J.Tillman. Nice. Thanks for that. Vacillando Territory Blues is a heavy rotation album for me. Look forward to Singing Ax.
Speaking of Western Vinyl I like "Constellations" by Balmorhea.
Rbrowne...If you like Balmorhea, you may also enjoy The Clogs.
Has any one heard the Blueray audio only ( MoJo ) . Still waiting for mine .
Has any one heard the Blueray audio only ( MoJo ) . Still waiting for mine

Yes and the sound quality is awesome but no Alan Parsons SFX - it is just the band playing live with no overdubs sounding just like they do. If you like JJ Cale as well as older style southern blues then this is a great album.

If you are expecting chorus driven standard TP & The Heartbreakers type pop/rock hits then this may not be for you. It really is a tribute to the older kind of music that Tom Petty, Benmont, and Campbell like to listen to themselves.
I agree with the above re: Petty- both on music and SQ. On the music front, the name says it all. The "Mojo" Petty is talking about was a late '60s kinda phenomenon and that's exactly where the record is rooted. It covers a lot of ground from that era - sort of a mini Woodstock.


BTW, Ron Wood's new release "I Feel Like Playing" barks up the same tree, but with even less pop "sheen" and much less impressive (though not terrible) SQ. Another one in this genre is Los Lobos "Tin Can Trust". Over time, I'm liking the Ronnie Wood and Lobos more and the Petty a bit less. All 3 are definitely worth owning, and only Petty makes the "audiophile" cut...IMHO.