Best recorded 2019 jazz track on Tidal

I’ve been an early Roon/Tidal subscriber and picked up a very well recorded jazz track on ´You don’t know life’ album by Jamie Saft/Steve Swallow/Bobby Previte called ‘Water from breath’. You got dynamics, well recorded bass/drum/organ and lifelike music presence in your room. Probably one of the best jazz track recording I’ve heard, besides the usual audiophile grade record companies. The track sounds a bit like a ‘The Doors’ piece, just missing Jim Morrison on it...Tell me what you think about this piece. While at it, what is your best recorded jazz track on Tidal?
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Love that Jamie Shaft Recording! Been listening about a month.

As far as best recorded music of 2019. I have heard a lot of good music so far this year. I have been listening lately to the new Julian Lage, 'Love Hurts'. Great playing!
Thought of another, ’Jeremy Pelt the Artist’.

Oh, I think the new Chris Potter is what you are looking for.

We have same musical taste. Also loved Julian Lage's album. Great record from start to finish. I'll be looking into Jeremy Pelt's album.
Great thread.

if you happen to venture a bit into the blues you have to give this gal a listen.

Danielle Nicole - Cry No More.

one of the best singers out there in MHO, one of the best Blues singers I have heard in a long time. Excellent Album.

Oh getting back to modern Jazz this one is from 2013.
Aaron Diehl - The Bespoke Man's Narrative is a good one.
Dougsat, thank you for your musical propositions. Both albums just sound great. I really like the the vibraphone on Aaron Diehl’s album, sounds so real...
Acman3, the Jeremy Pelt/Chris Potter are right in my musical alley. Both albums are well recorded. You might want to try the Monterey Quartet ‘Live at the 2007 jazz festival’ which features Chris Potter and a few other jazz stars.