Best Recordable CD-R Media ???

I have an Alesis ML-9600 that was upgraded by Chris at Balanced Power Technologies. This is a phenomenal recorder, versatile, etc. I have used Apogee Gold CD recordable media recently. However, i am looking for some suggestions for other high caliber CD recordable media.

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Hi Jay, I think that Mitsui, also called MAM-A, an acronym, is considered to be among the best available. A google search will turn up vendors and discussions of the media.
I really like MAM-A (Mitsui) gold cd-r products. has a good supply of their products. Taiyo Yuden ( to my knowledge, the only cd-r manufactured in Japan now) also make very good products that consistently test as having very low error rates. A Google search will turn up numerous purveyors. It's also worth tesing a few black cd-r's to see what you think, they get get major props from some. I haven't found them to sound superior to gold cd-r's however.
In the photo industry, which is big on stable, reliable, large-capacity storage, Taiyo Yuden are considered among the best out there. Their lamination process is visibly superior to most. They make great DVD media as well. I don't know how they compare to others when it comes to audio, but in terms of reliability and longevity they are certainly among the best. I get mine from these guys.

It is really a function of your drive. Is it a Sony
cdrw or LiteOn or whatever .... Each of these has it's
own set of preferred media. Check some of the sites which
test these drives and see how they performed with different
media types.
OK, I give up. What is a "cake box"?

It's simply the bulk packaging, Don. It means that you'll get the specified quantity of CD's stacked in one single package (usually in the shape of a tube - smaller quantities looking like a cake - some Taiyo boxes I've got have been square). Just read it as bulk packaging rather than individually packaged (as in jewel cases).

OK, I've ordered the Tayio Yuden and Mitsui CD -R discs. Any thoughts on the Apogee Gold or the Mobile Fidelity Gold recordable CD media? Comparisons to the two discs that I just ordered?

Hi Jaymark,
It is known that Apogee & Mobile Fidelity are made by Mitsui.
So you'll be saving lots of dough & getting the same excellent quality CD-Rs.
Your search is over.
Nmp69, I did not know this! Thanks! The Apogee and Mobile Fidelity are a lot more expensive obviously.
HHB (non-gold) and Mobile Fidelity 24K Gold CD-R's have served me well; I stick with the 1x, i.e. slow-speed record-ables to allow for better output discs.
FWIW, I had terrible results with the Mitsui in my stand-alone CD-Recorder (Marantz CDR-632). Many coasters, and long load times. The Taiyo-Yuden CD-Rs have been almost flawless, and as far as I can tell, make recordings indistinguishable from the source. Even on my portable CDP, the Mitsuis take a long time to load. Fuji also seems to make a decent product. I was especially dissappointed with Maxell.

I have been ordering from for years with excellent results. Their prices are great.