Best record cleaner?

Who's the best Nitty Gritty or VPI or ?
Performance wise I think they are very competitive. In fact I doubt you could tell a difference. However, in terms of ease of use the VPI 17 is by far the easiest to use. I have the 16.5, which is VPI's manual version of the 17. I still find it easier than the Nitty Gritty. The only drawback to the VPI is they do take up more space. Lastly is the Keith Monks--no longer in business, but every now and then you see a used one. This is the best performance wise, but will likely cost you considerably more than the VPI or Nitty Gritty.
I agree with Abstract7's comments. No doubt that the VPI 17 is by far the easiest to use, but it is also much more expensive than the lower-cost NittyGritty machines. If you either own or have to clean a large number of LP's, you will certainly appreciate the convenience of the VPI 17. On the other hand, if you only clean LP's occasionally, then the NittyGritty Model 1.5 will work just fine -- and cost a lot less. (I have no experience with Record Doctor's cleaning machine.)

I have been using a NittyGritty Model 1.5 for many years, and while it is more cumbersome to use than the automated models made by both VPI and NG, it still does a good job of cleaning LP's.
I use a VPI HW-17, which performs well, and is relatively easy to use as long as you are careful with the fluid release button. However, is it the best? I do not know - other contenders incude the new Clearaudio record cleaning machine, the venerable Keith Monks machine ($3800 when new!), and the Loricraft PRC-3. From what I have heard, the Clearaudio is the best of the bunch (it is also capable of cleaning both sides of the record at once), but it is very hard to obtain at present.
People in TNT Audio Forums are swearing by the Disc Doctor ( Worth a try...
Both are OK but It really depends on the thoroughness of the person DOING the cleaning. Just like vacumming your home- you can be meticulous. Cons: With the VPI- you contaminate the cleaned side when you flip it over onto the dirted mat to clean the other side. With the Nitty Gritty- Because you insert the dirty side down, you have to make sure the cleaning solution is getting evenly distibuted and the LP is getting evenly scrubbed & vaccuumed. Good Luck
lets not forget the Moth unit from england.
I second the Disc Doctor. I also own a VPI 16.5 but prefer the Disc Doctor to it.