Best reciever for video and audio--B K, Arcam, ???

Somebody please give me their thoughts on the follwing-I am putting together a system consisting of Older Castle Inversion speakers, and center channel, Pioneer elite plasma 151 60", also playing my Oracle turntable, and CalAudio CD player--have used my Marantz 2325 for years and prefer the sound to most anything I have heard--Denon, Onkyo, Marantz--all sounds pretty bad in comparision-SO--I have been told I should consider Arcam 600 and or B@K AVR 707 or 705--can someone give me their thoughts as I need to get this system completed. thanks-
Arcam paired with Pioneer in my HT. The preamp is very good and provides more details with speech and musical passages on HD and DVD.

Anthem avm50v would be my first choice if I sale my house and start over.
What have you decided to do? I like the concept of the B&K and it's USA made - I also like the ARCAM, solid built and excellent performer - Anthem, I have not had the chance to hear or play with them....
Arcam is allegedly fantastic sounding but when I was discussing the unit with my local dealer earlier this year, he indicated that there are a lot of quirks with the 600 such that he couldn't recommend it. Given that, try before you buy if you can.