Best reciever for Paradigm Reference ..

Seeking comments on a good reciever match for Paradigm Reference surround system; I'm currently considering the B&K 307 or the Denon 5800. Comments on music and movies welcome, though this is for a seperate A/V system,and is not my primary music system. (If they both suck, I'll stay with my Brtston 9B,and just go with a new processor)
By all means keep the Bryston. No receiver can match the power and quality. I would recommend upgrading to a new processor. Both B&K and Denon make separates, but if you have the cash I would recommend the new Bryston SP-1.
Keep the Bryston, Romy! You're a fool if you don't!
Argent and Rsuminsby hit it on the nail. Keep the Bryston. Why would you even think of changing to a reciever? BTW, which pre/pro are you running or plan on running?
Why? I guess I'm in the mood to downgrade ... the A/V system that is, and put my money into upgrading my 2-channel system. I'm currently using an Acurus Act 3, which is fine, but I could benefit from the rear channel fill of a 6.1 ot 7.1 system. I watch the occasional DVD but mostly old movies (the Acurus doesn't have mono, or a tuner, which would be nice), so I'm asking myself, do a need $5,800 worth of spererates just to watch TV? And if MF is happy with a Denon, can't I be too? A B&K Ref 30 could do the trick.
By all means, put your money where you get use out of it. I favor the Bryston, but I understand having to juggle between two systems. I am having a similar dilema, to leave the home theater where it is, or upgrade, or upgrade the 2-channel system. Good luck.