Best Receivers, dvd players, for system-

I am old school--do not care for sound of units I have tested-Onkyo, Pioneer, Denon-

My current audio is Cal Audio 15 cd player, Marantz 2325, Castle Speakers--Oracle turntable.

Am planning on using some addl Castle Inversions and Centers for speakers---suggestions for Receiver and Blu Ray player that would get me that "warm" sound I am looking for?
When it comes to receivers, I find Marantz to sound the best. See if you can listen to the new 6004, it's really nice and reasonably priced and you already know you like the Marantz sound.

I wouldn't buy a DVD player nowadays, buy Blu or go home, as most any receiver will do all the new codecs in bitstream, you only need a Blu-ray transport, the Denon DVD-2500 BTCI's sell for ~$300-400 all day long here and are built like tanks and have excellent video.
In the case of Blu ray player, The Oppo BDP-83 is an outstanding universal disc player with excellent performance on Blu-rays and DVDs.