Best Receiver under $1200 (new)?

I'm looking for the best receiver that $1200 can buy. I don't mind if it is not good for music but for HT. Please, do you have some recommendations? thank you very much in advance. Satish.
Arcam Diva, there is a thread on it around here somewhere. And it's great on music.

I have to second "J_thunders" on this one. I like the Arcam AVR100 also (which is part of their DiVA series). A couple more you should look at include the Denon AVR-3801 and the Onkyo TX-DS787. That should help you along. But if I had to go with any one of the three I have just listed, then personally, my choice would be the Arcam AVR100. But anyway, that's your call to make.

Good Luck.

denon 3801. it is ok for music (grainy on the highend) but good on home theater. it is 7 channel 115watts. gives you the ability to handle some of the newer formats. about a thou new....800 used. i have not listened to arcam or onkyo though!

good luck
Satish: Nakamichi av-10, Arcam avr 100, Denon avr-3801, Nad t771. Good Luck and have fun listening and looking.
Nakamichi AV-10, I THINK!
I strongly recommend the Sherwood Newcastle 9080 separates instead of a receiver. You can find this combo for under $1200 if you watch Audiogon or other sites.E-mail me if you need more info.