Best receiver/amp for warming up Monitor Audio Gold 300’s

I just picked up a pair of MA Gold 300’s.  I’m pushing them currently with a old Denon AVR-590.  

I was was thinking of upgrading to the Anthem 1120 receiver as it’s gotten excellent reviews for it’s musicality.  I’m 60/40 music over movies so a musical receiver/amp is much preferred.  

Any opinions on the Anthem-MA Gold 300 pairing? 

Better suggestions?

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If you truly wish to get the best audio performance from these new speakers , then dump any thought of a receiver and go invest in a quality build and bona fide hi-fi integrated amp actually worthy of the price and performance level of the speaker.

I’ve attended seversl audio fests wherein MONITOR AUDIO speakers have been featured with CYRUS electronics ( an all British pairing  )

(1) I personally auditioned them at TAVES in Toronto 

(2) This mag article has a similar review

Thanks akg_ca.  That Cyrus certainly looks the business.  Too rich for me at the moment.   But something to look at getting in the future.  
If you're willing to spend $3500 on a receiver then there are a lot of options available.  What is the rest of your gear that causes you to need an 11 channel receiver?
I settled on the Anthem 1120 since I got a great deal on one yesterday. Got close to $1000 off of the going price so I’m okay with it. I don’t need 11.2 coverage but what I wanted was the better than MRX 720 amp that comes with the MRX 1120.

From my research and audiophile reviews they say the amp in the MRX more closely related to the top level Anthem unit. It is better sounding than the MRX 720 which is what I was going to get at first. I need one unit for both movies and music since I have limited space.

I did look at the Arcam but the amount of positive reviews from audiophiles on the MRX 1120 and the great deal on it made my mind up.

My system now consists of Anthem MRX 1120, 2 Monitor Audio Gold 300's, 3 Def Tech XTR-60's, 2 Def Tech Mythos and a Velodyne DD 10.  Nothing ground breaking but I'm a budding audiophile with lots to learn.