Best reasonably priced power cord for lamm ll2

What is the best powercord for the Lamm LL2 below $500?
I have a Sablon Uber Robusto I may be willing to sell you...
Why not ask the man himself what he thinks?
Vladimir will probably say his power supply is so robust that it really doesn't make much of a difference what kind of a power cord you use. That's what I'd bet upon. (Former LL1-Ref owner.) Anyway, that was good advice. Let us know.

Having said that, any kind of braided design is probably sufficient and just as good. Powercords make the most difference on source (CD, Dac) components, I think.
The Oyaide Black Mamba at about $300 is very good for the money.
Sorry had not seen this thread and posted on the same one on the Cable Forum.
I agree - Vladimir would likely say that. LL2 owner here.
I have had very good results using Triode Wire Labs (TWL) cables on almost any piece of source component or amp or pre-amp combinations that are inherently either essentially neutral or somewhat biased towards a leaner,"Accurate" persona. They add a tangible body and richness to the system without bloat or loss of detail. If you don't believe in power cable differences, that's fine of course, but if your system fits the description you may find them a real ear opener as a last link to a natural sounding system...and quite reasonably priced as well. Be open minded...I believe there's a great in-home trial and Pete is a great guy to work with. Good luck with it.
Shunyata Venom 3.
SO, what did you finally decide on?