Best reasonably priced phono cable

Hi everyone ... it's that time again, when I turn to the most knowledgeable and dedicated group of audiophiles in the world to share their experience and knowledge. I'm looking to upgrade the phono cable on my Denon 59L turntable. Savant Audio's guru, Joshua, is removing the Denon-supplied "non-removable" phono cable and installing female RCAs, so I can use whatever cable I want. Here's the system:

*Denon 59L w/ Grado MC Sonata
*Plinius CD-LAD preamp
*Two Adcom 555mkII amps, bridged to mono
*Snell A Reference Tower speakers
*Hsu Research TN1220HO sub w/ Hsu amp
*Mirage 12180 sub
*Sony XA7ES CD player
*Adcom tuner
*Nordost interconnects (Blue Heaven & Red Dawn)
*Kimber 8TC shotgun bi-wired speaker cables (soon being replaced with Bear Lab's Silver Thunder cables)
*API Powerwedge 114 AC conditioner

So ... what do you think? Thanks for your input -- I truly appreciate your taking the time to comment and make recommendations.
Try the Coincident CSTCable
As always, Esoteric Audio cables are just fantastic. Can you afford $225-$275 ON A GOOD SET? Just my .02.
I had Stu Wein the retired owner of MAS (Music and Sound) make me some cables for my turntable using what was his Grey model. He charges me $80 shipped. The Grey sold for $400 when they were sold by dealers (including the Cable Company). A lot of his cables and power cords were recommended by Stereophile and Wadia in the late 80s early 90s. Stu can be found at
I have no first hand knowledge to offer but it may be worthwhile to research the Origin Live cables.
Since you can now use any interconnects as turntable cables, I would contact The Cable Company (1-800-FAT-WYRE) and try a range of different types/prices. They rent virtually every major brand of cable so you can find the ones that best meet your needs. And all rental fees go towards purchase so you have nothing to lose. While recommendations are a helpful for creating your short list, before I plunked down my hard earned money, I want to know that the cables I'm using suit my system, room, ears and musical taste.
I just installed the Graham IC-30 on my table last night and could not be happier. Very natural, with great nuance.
How about Bear Labs phono cables? is the best I found no matter $$$$. The prices are vary good. The $2000 transparent reference is a joke. I did like the Cardas but pricy. Then Kimber & Tara can you dry dry dry & pricy to.