Best reasonably priced classic hi-end tuner

Hi fellow Audiogoners - I am looking for a classic FM tuner that won't break the bank. I understand the early McIntosh tuners such as the MR 67, 71 and 78 are highly regarded but there are conflicting opinions as to which sounds best. I would love a Marantz 1O B, but i don't have $3,000 to spend. I welcome your timely thoughts on the Mac's and am open to other suggestions as well.
Thanks in advance.
You csan find a Magnum Dynalab FT101A tuner for under 400.00.
Accuphase T100 is outstanding. It's AM too - it was my 8th tuner and last. Great reception and slightly warm tonal balance without getting too tube like. Excellent bass. Weighs and ton - built like a tank. Mine is over 30+ years old - the only problem so far is the dial lights are just a tad dim. Usually sell for up to 750 when they come up but that is not often.

FWIW some Mac's are quite good, especially the older ones, i,e, tube tuners, as are the Marantz, but often their reception etc is not so hot. But they sure can sound nice. I'm not impressed with anything post MR78's and even then not so much. BTW, stick with analog tuners if you can. You know what everyone thinks about digital :-)

Its fun to read all of the comments on the FM site, but bear in mind if you go there that these guys are radio freaks, not audio freaks. There comments on audio issues may not be up to your expectations.
Check out a Carver TX-11a.

Can be had very reasonably.
second Magnum Dynalab- any model in your price range-dont forget about the antenna too
I love my vintage Sansui TU 919 with it's big beautiful soundstage full of nuance and tonal colors around $700 used
Its not a vintage classic tuner, but maybe a modern classic, the Sony XDR-F1HD. Mine cost $85 new, on Amazon. No longer in production, but neither are the vintage classics. I think it was called the best tuner ever by one reviewer. It solved all my reception problems.
Fanfare had a good Tuner, the ETUDE from Magnum Dynalab was one of those with excellent reception AND good sound (this combination is normally impossible to find with Tuners)
Here here for the Magnum Dynalabs.
+1 for Accuphase T100....very very good tuner...also have McIntosh MR71 which is also very good. The Tandberg 3001 and even the 3011 are also very good...can't beat old analog tuners IMHO
I have a Fanfare FT-1 that I`ve own for 16 years and it`s very,very good in sound and reception.
I`d think the Magnum Dynalab is every bit as good.
How about doing a little reseach at:

There is plenty there to meet your needs.
Check out the Carver TX-11a.

They can be had at a very reasonable price.
Tandberg tuners vintage early 80s were always considered top-class tuners. Same with Yamaha T-2s as I recall. The Day Seuqerra was highly regarded as well...

I have had an Audiolab 8000T for years -- great sound, well reviewed, AM/FM, and no problems. These come up occasionally on A'gon. Good luck.
Kenwood 8300 or Yamaha T-85,
Both excellent and affordable.
check out some old threads by Don Scott, member name bdscott, great info...
Another vote for the Fanfare FT-1(A) & the Magnum Dynalab FT101A. I've owned both for years & they both have terrific sound quality & reception IMO. I even have a "spare" Magnum Dynalab FT101A sitting around, but it seems too great a tuner to let go for the $350-ish they're going for now.

Old Macs are a totally different thing, but there are plenty of old threads & info discussing them. That's IF you're jones-ing for a vintage Mac.....
Nikko Gamma series, esp analogue Gamma 1
BTW, if you want a 10B or MR71 (the Fisher FM1000 is better than both, but that's for another time) and can't get there, have a look at the Scott 350D.

Good luck and happy listening.
Onkyo-T9090-the mk.2 version has a remote. Not sure which model has the better sound.
So what do you consider "reasonably priced", less than $3000.00 ?
If you can do without the more substantial construction and appearance of the McIntosh's, the H. H. Scott tube tuners shown at the link Viridian provided should certainly be considered.

I've owned a few of them, though not the highest end models (the 310E and 4310, which are in the Marantz 10B type of price class). Among those I've owned, the 310D, when used with an external stereo multiplex adapter (Scott 335 or LM35, or Fisher MPX100) particularly stands out.

To put that in context, its sound quality approached that of two 10B's I've owned, although of course its sensitivity did not (nor did the sensitivity of many other vintage tuners I've owned, including an MR71; the 1954 REL Precedent I currently use is the only tuner in my experience that is competitive with the 10B in terms of weak signal reception capability).

If you want to consider vintage tube tuners and you happen across one of the external multiplex adapters I mentioned, grab it, although it may cost upwards of $300 if in top condition. It would broaden your choices of tuner to include the many models that were made ca. 1960 that are mono in themselves but provide a multiplex output signal from which the multiplex adapter will extract the stereo. Those tuners sell for considerably less than their slightly later counterparts that provide stereo in one chassis, while providing similar performance.

-- Al
Best tuner I've ever owned was the tuner in my Tandberg tr2080 receiver. That left little to want in terms of sound quality and reception performance. The Tandberg standalone tuners were always regarded as even better.
Best tuner I've ever owned was the tuner in my Tandberg tr2080 receiver. That left little to want in terms of sound quality and reception performance. The Tandberg standalone tuners were always regarded as even better.

These come up for sale occasionally for very reasonable cost (assuming good working condition).

I remember selling many of the highly regarded Sansui tuners from back in the day as well. They were also very good!
Rlwainwright mentioned the Yamaha T-2. I'll second that! My system is pretty humble but I can tell that this tuner is a cut above the rest for audio quality (the rest being Yamaha T-85, Kenwood KT-1100SD, Denon TU-800L and Sony XDR-F1HD). The audio on a good broadcast sounds stunning with a vibrant yet relaxed, natural sound, and it has the best imaging, and sense of space and depth I have yet heard from a tuner. There is a sense of realism that brings music to life. I think Doug S on the Yahoo tuner forum says that they are up there with the Tandberg 3001 for performance, and I can believe him. My T-2 even does DX a bit better than my T-85!

If anyone wants a T-85, send me a p.m.
What is "reasonably priced" to you?
MARANTZ 150.. ACCUPHASE 101, 100