Best Reasonable ICs for 5.1 Blue Ray Analog Outs

Seeking opinion on low cost(not cheap) IC's to give the best bang for the buck for serious CD audio from a Blue Ray with great analog outs to Pre amp 5.1 analog ins. No Blue Jeans or Monoprice please. What about Audio Art, Acoustic Zen Action or Bettercable Silver Serpent just to name a few?
Budget around $500 new or used.
You didn't specify a cable length so let's say you need one meter (3'4") for each cable. My recommendations would include Audioquest Sidewinders ($65.00 each) or Copperheads ($95.00 each) retail x 5. The Copperheads new would bring you just under $500.00 for five one meter cables. Can I ask which Blu-ray player you have?