I CURRENTLY HAVE the 36" sony xbr wega,I LOVE IT,BUT WANT A LARGER SCREEN,i'am told i have to go projection ,I MAINLY WATCH DVD TROUGH MY SONY 530 dvd and MARANTZ SR18 RECEIVER/PROCESSOR. what brands and model in the 4 to 5k range.50" to 61" TV'S.
The biggest tube set I know of was 40 inches and I heard the picture was awful. Thus, your three options are (1) rear projection, (2) Plasma, or (3) Front Projection. Since the last two are rather expensive, the best price/performance ratio is with rear projection. The first question you need to answer is if you are looking for a set that is HDTV ready (or includes an HDTV tuner). If the answer is you want HDTV, I would wait, as the price and performance is improving, and with limited source material, I think the wait is worthwhile. If you do not care about HDTV, I have found the best picture with the Pioneeer Elite models, and the worst with the Mitsubishi models. But, of course, this is only my opinion.
I bought a Pioneer Elite rear projection tv after looking at EVERY projection tv, price is no object, and found them to be clearer and richer color than any other, including Sony. Now they offer HD models as well.
I own a new Pioneer HD710 and I was going to wait a year or two to buy HDTV. After seeing the picture you should agree there is no reason to wait for next generation HDTV. The improvement just incorporated into the 710 64" is also available in the 610 58", and 510 54". There shouldn't be any changes for a year or two for these HDTV's. I compared it to the Sony 34" tube HDTV (which was too small for me), and I would say it was very close in display and twice the size (64"). Pioneer hands down the best rear projection on the planet and well worth every penny I paid.
Definately the Pioneer Elite. I also have a 710. I'm waiting for the Dish network to come out with their HD tuner since it has outputs compatible with the digital VCR I'm also getting. David
Hitachi 53SDX89B . 4:3 set with 16x9 true anamorphic display on component input (allows watching anamorphic DVDs without downconversion). grey bars are on the screen (above and below) when 16x9 mode is used. its prog scan, and accepts a 31.5khz scan rate via component inputs. if you look around, one can be had for about $3k. wholesale price is $2450 if you can find one for that like i did
Without question, one of the 3 Pioneer elite models. I own the 610 (58 inch). DVD movies are unbelievable - you may never go to the theater again.
I have a 50" Hitachi Ultravision, it is about two years old and I love it. I got it at Sears for $2100.00.
do yourself a favor save alot and buy the brand new sony 53 or 61 high scan model it has on board line doubler that makes elite look grainy