Best real DSD recordings on SACD.

What are your favorite DSD recordings(not PCM transfers) on SACD?
Not in any particular order:
Chick Corea / Bobby M
Mahler - Michael T. Thomas (All symphonies)
Ok, the best "recording" that I've heard is, with out a doubt, "Purity: An Inspirational Collection" by the T Minus 5 Vocal Band (T Minus 5 Entertainment 72644-155555-7). This is the recording engineered by Ray Kimber of Kimber cables using his IsoMike direct to DSD system. I don't usually listen to inspirational (religious) music, but this recording has clarity that leaves all others in the dust. If you aren't interested in the whole CD, then listen to the (non-religious) tracks of Shenandoah, and The Star Spangled Banner for a breathtaking reproduction and performance by an outstanding quintet of singers. The SACD, I've heard, is available in some CD stores and at the T Minus 5 website. (Note: all of the t Minus 5 CDs do not use the IsoMike system).
Thanks Holos, I just purchased the T-5 recording. The website uses PayPal which made the purchase easy.

Can't wait to hear my Von Schweikert VR-4 GenII's shine with this recording on SACD.

I think my favorite so far is Stravinsky's "The Soldier's Tale" and various other works by the Cincinnati Symphony under Paavo Jarvi on the Pentatone Label. The Pentatone label has some of the best sounding SACDs available right now.
You might also check out K622 - The Mozart Clarinet Concerto , available from Stereophile at . This is a hybrid SACD that contains 2 versions of the concerto. The first is pure DSD, the second is a DSD transfer from analog tape. It definitely made me more unconcerned about whether a recording is pure DSD. The 2 versions are nearly impossible to tell apart, and if I had to state a preference, it would be for the analog transfer. It seemed to have a (very slightly) better sense of "pace".

Really, the only SACD's I try to avoid are those made from 16 bit PCM masters. There are some out there, and they're no better than CD. Unfortunately, these SACDs are not labeled as such, and you will either have to do some research to find out how the disc was mastered, or just take your chances. I don't worry too much about it. If I want the disc, I'll buy it and hope for the best. The only time I really try to find out about the mastering process is when I am considering buying an SACD release of something I already own.
Suppe and Auber Overtures on Mercury... due out next week.
Technically, the Mercurys are not DSD originals as they derived from analog tapes although there is no PCM intermediary.

this post was 4 years there any DSD recordings on SACD that can be added?
Too many.
hi Kal
could you name a few
looking for rock and jazz
There an appendage, RITR, to most of my columns with my favorite new releases.