Best RCA to mini adapter or RCA to mini cable?

What is the best way to connect an iPOD or laptop to a high end system? I am looking for high quality cables or a RCA to mini adapter. I am not sure if one is better than the other. What do you recommend?

When I was looking a few years ago, the only ones I could find were made by Audioquest as part of their G-Snake line. A very good cable, but if I was buying today, I would probably look at the Cardas:
To connect an iPod to either a headphone amp (1/4" mini) or a conventional amp (RCA), you can't do much better than contacting Ken at Audio Line Out and getting a one-piece cable. He has a few options.

If he doesn't have one already made to suit your purpose, he will make one. I emailed him a request one Wednesday night for a custom cable, and it was in my mailbox on the Saturday morning.

I don't know about a laptop connection - they typically don't have a line level output.

I bought both from Radio Shack. I prefer the RCA to mini adaptor. I get to choose my IC and the length I want although I wouldn't go to long.
I have used a Zu Cable Pivot and it is excellent.

I second the Zu Pivot. I have also used a Cardas mini-to-mini and I prefer the Pivot's harmonics. The Radio Shack cable (which I also have) doesn't bear comparison to either the Cardas or the Zu.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate it.
The Zu Pivot is a good cable. Big, big improvement over a Radio Shack I had or the readily available Monster (though it was significantly better than the RS and cheap at $20). The Zu is good value, especially if you get it on auction at ebay. Clearer, more open, better highs. I'm now experimenting with a Bis Audio cable with copper Eichmann RCAs that they made up for me and am even happier. Vinnie at Red Wine Audio likes the Audiopath cable -- silver with silver Eichmann and the guys at 6moons like the Crystal Cable. Try 'em all and let us know!
btw use Apple Lossless on your iPod.
Yea, Apple Lossless is great. Anyone have any experience with Blue Dragon RCA to mini from moon audio? I bought there Blue Dragon Sennheiser headphone cable and it sounds real balanced. Great improvement over stock. Wondering if the Blue Dragon connector is the best way to go since its voiced match to the headphone cable. Any thoughts?
I second the Audio Line Out recommendation, but would add that for a laptop, USB is worth exploring (via a USB DAC). also, for the iPod there are min-to RCA cables from Kimber and Cardas that are better than most mini-to-mini solutions.