Best RCA terminated digital interconnect?

I want to replace my PS Audio digital cable from the SACD player/transport to the Genesis Digital Lens with a new RCA digital interconnect(My transport/SACD player doesn't have a balanced digital out). I've heard good things about the Stereovox and have a good Siltech AES/EBU from the Genesis to the MSB Palatinum Plus DAC. Suggestions anyone?
I have tried some of the more popular models.I like the Illuminations D 60,and also the Custom Cable Company Green Hornet.I see both sell for under $200 used.
Another pretty good one under $200 is the Acoustic Zen MC2.
Pure Note makes a nice one. I replaced my D60 with it.
Virtual Dynamics NiteII and Master.
You have 2 choices as I have tried everything under the sun in my set ups.

Illuminati D-60 or Kimber Select KS-2020.

I cannot comment on the Pure Note Cable mentioned above but their cable is anything like their website. Color me un-impressed as it is a budget attempt.

Good Luck..

I have to say Yamamura cable is superb! For budget minded Sterovox is a steal...
I continue to trumpet the virtues of the least costly digital IC which comes with unique, hand-crafted, RCA jacks: Audiogon member Joemazzaglia builds the Auricle Audio Design Encore Signature digital IC.
In two of my system's a pair are on both the input and the output side of the Genesis Digital Lens.
Having listened through a multitude of digital IC combinations with the Digital Lens, these have proven to be the best for the least.
Interestingly, these have been my first digital IC adding zero input jitter on the Digital Lens readout, because a customized CD transport is capable of sending a jitter-free signal which Joe's design leaves alone. Other brands had added their own jitter, in the past. Although digital IC can sound great, even with jitter, still it has been fun to see this technological achievement in a great sounding digital IC.
Asking which digital IC is best cannot yield a single answer, or even a consensus, because I have heard so many wonderful systems, each with its own sound. But, if you want to hear all that your digital components are capable of extracting from those spinning discs, without having to make a big investment, well worth the modest cost.
I got mine on auction, as an early adopter bargain, so you would have to check with the maker about current price.
Thanks Listener57,That is good to keep in mind for the next time I need a digital Ic for the home theater.(I scrimp a little when it comes to movies as compared to the two channel big rig)I could also give the AAD ic a listen in the two channel and see what I think.I know you said least costly.What kind of cheese are we talking about?(price range)
I found the Stereovox very good for the money, for less than $100 I would recommend giving it a shot.
Gixerman, I think the actual current price is certainly available from Audiogon member, Joemazzaglia, but my guess is that currently selling for no more than $75, when not available on auction. Since I am just a fan, and not a dealer, my apology to Joe if my estimate is way off base.
I think it is harder for modestly priced items to quickly gain street credibility unless some of us are willing to take a chance, and participate in the discussion threads.
Also, another member has been kind enough to let me know that his knowledge of the Digital Lens readout is that it displays speed accuracy of the transport, not jitter. Since this digital IC improves what I am hearing, and happens to reduce the readout to zero, perhaps there are some digital angels dancing on the head of each hand-crafted RCA connector.
If anyone else has had the experience of reducing this readout to zero with any combination of transport and digital IC would they please comment in this discussion thread. This applies only to those who really care about an exclusive membership opportunity in Audiogon's Club Zero.
Canare Digiflex Gold I(LV61S) only $25 and also Stereophile Recommended.

04-21-06: Eldragon
Canare Digiflex Gold I(LV61S) only $25 and also Stereophile Recommended.

that means that it's a good cable?
what about the cables that are not in the recommended compnents list. I guess they are not any good, ha?

besides, do you really think this will be a good match with his Siltech AES/EBU cable that connects the digital lens to MSB dac?
I don't know about other cables, but $25 cable is a good start.
I went through a lengthy and extensive auditioning process of digital cables, all were either RCA or BIN single ended, and came to the conclusion that the Stealth Sextet was the best I have ever heard.

Take a look at the reveiw that I posted here on the GON for all the details, including what other cables were tested by me and a few other GON members which lead us to the conclusion that this might be the best cable of all the reference level digital interconnects.