Best rca digital cable for Audio Logic 24MXL dac?

Considering Bitmeister (Empirical); Cryo'd Pulsar (VH); Poiema or the older MSE (Ridge Street); Dominus $$$ (Purist); and anything else you think might be synergistic with this very enjoyable dac. In the past, have owned Kharma Grand Ref (huge!); Illum. D-60; currently Stereovox HDVX (it's just ok...). Only request is no strident-sounding cables that are tipped to the highs, as my ribbon tweeters and higher-efficiency speakers appreciated more 'full-bodied' cables. OK- bring it on!
I have an older Audio Logic DAC, the M34DSB, and found myself in a situation last week where I was on the phone with Jerry Ozment asking for his response to this exact question. His reply: Marigo.

How does Stereovox compare to Illuminati D-60 ?
D-60 is better IMO (probably should have kept it around btu sold it a couple of years ago...). Only using HDVX 'cause a friend gave it to me. In fact, I have now put the HDVX on my secondary dac, and am now using a nice silver-braided Kimber digital cable (borrowed from another friend). It's actually pretty good. Spoke with another guy last night who has my dac- he said to get the Cryo'd VH Audio Pulsar with Silver Next Gen connectors. There is a $$-back guarantee, but he says I won't need it...
I've found both the Siltech Golden Ridge and the Purist Proteus work nicely with my AL, as well as the limited edition K-Works digital cable (he's not making many of them). However, you might want to wait for the Kubala-Sosna digital cable to come out, they've been picking Jerry Ozment's brain in developing it and both of the gentlemen whose names are on the cable use Audio Logic DACs in their systems and for beta testing the cables. Given the full-bodied sound of their other cables in my system, that cable may be the one you're looking for.
I also own an M34-DSM running off a CEC TL-2X with a Kimber Orchid balanced.
I would like to know how a balanced Purist Dominus or Poiema compare in sonics.
Thanks RC- who makes 'Kubala'? Also- what transport are you using with the AL dac? Do you think this dac is transport-dependent at all?
what about the Marigo Apparition??
Sutts: Kubala-Sosna is the name of the company, they're building a pretty good dealer network, and make a very good line of cables--I've ordered the speaker cables and will likely get the interconnects for some of my components. Link is There's a few threads on the cable here; my ultimate compliment for them is that they're a music-lover's cable. I'm pretty sure they haven't finished the development of the digital cable yet, as I visited Joe Kubala's home a month or so ago and he was comparing his prototype to some Purist, Kimber, Cardas, Transparent, and other digital cables. The prototype was quite good (he used a CEC TL-1 into his AL).

I use a Forsell transport with my Audio Logic, it and the CECs are the two best transports I've heard with it. I sometimes use my Sony SCD 777ES as a transport with it, it's pretty good, especially after I had the Superclock 2 mod and transport mods done to it by Richard Kern, but it lacks the analog-like bloom and huge soundstage of the Forsell. I have used a Levinson No. 37, a Wadia 830, a Radio Shack Optimus portable (remember that one??) and my Marantz DV-18 as transports with it as well when the Forsell was being updated or repaired, they all work pretty well with it, but you lose a little of the analog-like sound that the Forsell and CEC transports seem to have. Not a huge difference in absolute objective terms, but enough that it makes a subjective difference on my involvement when I'm listening.
I am using a VH Audio cryo'd Silver NextGen Pulsar.

This modestly priced ic sounds better to me than some other very good digital ic's:

Argent Audio Pursang and Jaden Sig
Ridge Street Audio Poiema!!
Acoustic Zen MC2
Audience AU24
WireWorld Gold Starlight III
Stereovox HDXV

As always, try in your own system and see what you like.
well guys- bit the bullet and ordered the Marigo Apparition 5.7 Sig- will post the results when it gets here...
I am currently using a Purist Dominus digital cable (latest version) between CEC TL-1X transport and Dodson 217 MKII D DAC with 218 upgrades. The Dominus replaced a Kharma Grand Reference. The Kharma is an outstanding cable, best I had heard before Dominus. Dominus has more body, smoother but no less detailed at the top end, slightly better and tighter bass than the Kharma. The D-60 is not in the same league.

Hope this helps.

over the years I've made upgrades to my AL DAC. (2) improvements were NOS Tele 6922 tubes from Tube World (at $450.00 a set and worth it in the AL DAC) and popping the wires off the RCA input and wiring them to the BNC digital out of the DAC. Now I have a BNC to BNC line from transport to DAC and I know it sounds better than 75 0hm RCA-took all of ten minutes. FWIW I use a Marigo 5.6 apparition with BNC plugs. I also use the ERS sheets from stillpoints in assorted areas of the DAC and power supply
Which AL DAC are you using?
Are you willing to share the specifics of which
areas for application of ERS sheets made the improvement
that you saw?
I'm going to probably try the ERS sheet trick. My bet is if you use it to wall off the digital from the analog side it could make a significant difference. Powder, any guidance?
If you are considering the D60 you also might want to look at I2Digital's X-60. The guy who designed the D60 designed this I believe. I am using it between mt DAC and transport with great results
The Marigo digital cables are fantastic- just so much better than anything else I've tried...
Sutts -> don't be shy, write something more ... :-)
Yes...please do clarify. Are you using the Coax or the AES/EBU cable? You have us waiting on your every word....
rcprince: Jerry Ozment just may make the most musically pleasing DAC for consumers (but you know that) However it can be improved. Cryovaced Telefunken NOS 6922's are absolute killers in this DAC. BNC to BNC is the ONLY way to go (I don't care if Jerry disagrees-hearing is believing). I have tediously built "boxes" lined with ERS sheets to separate the Digital board from Analog Board, covered the interstage transformers with ERS boxes, covered all LED's, input, output plugs and am still experimenting with the ERS sheets. I also use the Marigo digital cord-have been for 8 years, currently the 5.6 as well as the Mini-matrix Stealth and power cords by intuitve audio. Now-how about those MIT output caps?-anyone changed them?
Powder- the MIT caps in out AL Dac are 4th from thr best, and could be improved. I am considering it, and will add a not to this thread if I do it. I am sure those TF 6922's are fantastic, the Siemens I am using arent' too bad either. BNC?? I only see rca or xlr in on my unit- hmmmm.....
Sutts: There is a bnc output on my unit, so it's possible to re-wire it to become an input, I'd guess. I'm sort of holding mine available to become a DSD interface if and when a standard is agreed on and I get an SACD transport with that digital interface. Not holding my breath.

As far as upgrading the MIT caps, given the ridiculously long time it takes for them to break in, I'll probably stick with what is in there, Jerry used them because he thought they sounded the best to him. I'm happy with Seimens in my DAC, though I'm about to try some Tele Ccas I have lying around for the fun of it.

The ERS tweak that Powder mentions makes a lot of sense to me, I've already had K-Works do the treatment to my Sonogy amps, and use their ICs and PCs that use ERS shielding, even use their ERS record mat, all making noticeable improvements. It seems to me that digital equipment (and the equipment around the digital equpment) should benefit greatly from this stuff.
hello the Stealth -especially the indra digital
a no brainer
My preference is Transparent Reference digital .
Mi dac is Krell reference 64 lE Krell DT-10