best rca cable for deep controlled bass

What brand of cable that you have heard made the rca cable whit the better deep tight bass??
Those cables must have odd characteristics then. We are talking about cables carrying audio frequencies.
Not sure what the speed of electrons has to do with this discussion, but don't forget that the signal can be delayed going through different components like crossover parts. This can be milliseconds of delay and we can hear delays as little as 1/4 to 1/2 millisecond.
try analysis plus, i'm selling a pair of copper oval in for great price, they have great bass control and fast as well
What Jaybo said and if that doesn't work what Clio09 thinks!!! It really would help, everyone and yourself, if you listed your system!!
If you don't know the difference between electricity and electronics, you have no business hanging out on this forum to make know-it-all, smart ass comments.

You're confusing the difference between electric current and electronic signal. They are two different things with different rules and characteristics. When we talk about "speed" in signal cables we're referring to signal rise time, which has little to do with the conducting speed of electricity and is entirely dependent on the bandwidth of the conductor. Electrical devices started with the light bulb and proceeded from there; they are concerned with conduction of current. Electronics began with tubes and deal with manipulating voltage fluctuations to create signals to mimic soundwaves or to convey other intricate patterns.

This difference has only been around since the 1920s. Try to keep up.
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I may not be an EE, or the most up to date on some stuff, but before you try talking about how wires and cable work, you need to know what a watt is, from about 200 years ago.
You keep pushing that Onkyo amp as an amp that produces 350 watts. NOT POSSIBLE. Learn how to read basic specs, before you start getting nasty. You ran off a great member who won't post anymore, because of your being rude to him. He was right at the time also. Get educated. Grow up. Link for your 350 watt amp post that puts out under 55 watts per channel.[]