Best Rainy Day music

I don't know if you do this, but my music is organized into moods that generally correspond to times of the day and the weather. Some of the categories: Rainy Day, Warm pleasant Sunday afternoon, Midnight thought provoking, Morning time to get going, Sunny driving day music, relaxing scotch in hand post work...etc.

My favorite rainy day recordings are: Doors (particularly Riders on the Storm..oddly enough), Cats Stevens Tea for the Tillerman, Van Morrison's moondance, CCR....I think I equate Rainy day music with mystical and forboding. Of course, my rainy day music could be your sunny driving music. It'd be interesting to see if there is any consensus at all.
for me it's lou reed, "songs for drella" (w/ john cale) and "new york." -kelly
Cowboy Junkies "The Caution Horses". This CD is also my favorite music for "tough times" (Issabre; if you're interested I think you could search this under "tough times")-- a thread I started awhile ago. Cheers. Craig.
Almost anything by Dinah Washington.
actually craig, I just got it after reading that thread. Love it. Another rainy day favorite.
1. Cliche, yes, but it sure does fit..."Kind of Blue" works really well.

2. "Fumbling toward ecstasy" Sarah Mclaughlin

3. Brahms violin concerto.
Keith Jarrett, Beethoven piano sonatas, Bach's Goldberg Variations and early Tom Waits.
"Acadia," Daniel Lanois.
"Songs for Drella," & "Magic and Loss" Lou Reed.
"Bye-Bye Safe Journey, " Steve Tibbitts.
"Blue" Joni Mitchell.
"American Prayer," Jim Morrison, The Doors.
Anything by 'Cat Power' - alternative indie rock, sultry, sad, sexy, intelligent.

Tracy chapman


nice post.
What was i thinking: casals doing bach cello sonatas!! or serkin playing beethovan's moonlight sonata or anyone playin chopin.
had to throw those in, sorry.
to lay back and groove on a rainy day... the jimi hendrix experience/electric ladyland
Well, we have rain, most of last night and all day so far,...and I've been playing Chet Baker..
I just got Acadie by Daniel Lanois. Great stuff.
Are you familiar with any of his other music? Any recomendations?
Vangelis - "Soil Festivities" (Electronic)
Genesis - "Wind and Wuthering"
It has been raining here on and off for the last 2 days and I have been listening to Paul Desmond.
Rec....agreed, after the Chet Baker, the next two on were
Pure Desmond, and Pokadots and Moonbeams...excellent! But, of course, rainy days means the blues to some and a cozy
inside day to others.
Czapp, your copy of "Acadia" by Daniel Lanois is, in my opinion, the best album he ever did. There is a later work titled "For Beauty Of Winona," where Daniel was first convinced to take voice lessons prior to the session. This made him so self conscious in his vocalizations, that it ruined the spontaneity for me. His engineering work is evident in the new Tom Waits album and also Bob Dylan. You can go back a few years to "Wrecking Ball" with Emmylou Harris and get another taste of his talent. He has contributed much.
albert said it all. couldn't agree more. i do hope daniel has another "acadia" in his quiver. god knows, he has a long tradition of nor'leans and arcadian precursors to emulate.

Jackson Brown, "Late For the Sky". Listen with red wine.
Good God......I'm in the upper Midwest....and it has been
overcast and raining almost every day since this post...?
Any music out there that will make the rain go away?
Whatjd, Quick, get a copy of Willie Nelson's "Blue Skies"?