best racks,amp stands etc.

Hi Goners,

I am lost in the jungle of racks,amp stands,top shelves etc...

Looking for strength,flexibility,dampening,[NOT DEADING!] vibration isolation and WAF...:-)
I have 2 80+lb tt's ,3 stage pre/phono, 4 mono's, 4 box digital,tuner,headamp and active crossover.
Of course i would like this to be priced somewhat SANE! Have had Finite Elemente Pagoda Ref's and do not want to spend that much this time around.

Thanks to all and any pics or links are more then welcome.
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Sounds like you need two of these. High-end furniture grade craftsmanship from the same company that does all the speaker enclosures for Devore Fidelity:

Here are some reviews:
Walker Audio:

Amp Stands

Equipment Racks - single-wide and double-wide

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Box furniture has excellent products but also checkout Core Audio Design.

I am surprised that you are giving up on the FE...but here are some of the 'cheaper 'alternative to FE that I have found to be very good;

1.TAOC-superb,perharps the best value for money racks and footers available in the market today.The sound tuning board for speakers are a must audition.

2.Using Generic maple board /hifi furnitures but adding the Finite Elemente/Copulare footers;you probably would get 95%of the sound with minimal costs.
Maybe you could getter results by using some of the isolation devices with your current racks. Stillpoints and rollerblocks are very effective.
I second the Core Audio Design products
I am sure you will want to put your turntable on the best platform possible. So, it is time to check into an electron microscope platform. I know, they are pricey, but hey, you want the best, don't you?
I had the same problem Billy
custom made me a rack to my specs for $1100 plus shipping
WF is high
I got a significant amount of WAF from Studiotech cabinets,stands & racks. They are sturdy, have good ventilation, and are customizeable. I have the U-22D cabinet & have been very happy w/ it. Good luck w/ the search.
SYMPOSIUM ISIS RACK or use Ultra shelf with feet for amp stand THE BEST by far.