Best rack for Ayre gear KXr/MXR

Has anyone compared racks for Ayre gear ? what works best ? Other gadgets that can be of use ?
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If you can afford it, the HRS MXR stand with M3 1921 platforms will work very nicely. Alternatively, you can use the HRS SXR stand with M3 1921 platforms or just use the M3 platforms by themselves (which is what I'm doing) and the Ayre MX-Rs have custom stands that can be special ordered in that case.
The Grand Prix Audio amp stand is what Ayre uses with the MXR at shows and is a visual match also(I'm sure the KXR would be complimented in a full rack).
The Stillpoints Component Stand could be a good choice for your MXR's. They offer real performance and it would be also esthetically a good match, because of the adjustable legs. Another smart design is the ESS rack from Stillpoints but this is not cheap, but soooo good.