Best "Wish You Were Here"

Just heard "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" on the way home tonight (awesome!) and was wondering what is the best recording of Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". Vinyl or digital is fine. Thanks!
Original pressing LP is warm, deep, and fluid. All the CD versions I have heard are too bright and thin sounding.
I have Wish You Were Here on Cd, an older disc as well as a newer one. I also have it on vynil, an original pressing I bought when it came out and a later version as well as the CBS Mastersound version. Hands down the original pressing is better than any of them and they are all in mint shape and clean. Cheers
I have it on CBS original pressing and Mastersound-half speed. Both are very good. The Mastersound has more impact but is more expensive. Its a great record, but I would stick with the original vinyl issue. Cheers
I have quite a few copies, as well as the US CBS Mastersound, and US first pressing. Hands down, early pressing on the British Harvest label are miles ahead of any other issue, and are not particularly expensive to boot.
Oh, to add one more thing. The reading of SOYCD on the live album, Delicate Sound Of Thunder, is just fabulous. The sound is pretty bright and has an early digital edge to it, but wow Gilmour is really on and the late Rick Wright's synths and sequencers are beautifully delicate and completely in the service of the music. Highly recommended.
What ever happened the re-issues that were to follow the SACD and Re-master of DSOTM? I had understood at that time the WYWH was to be coming out in a 5.1 SACD and A re-mastered vinyl. I guess the loss of interest on the SACD format may have killed it. Anyone know if that is still slated to happen? As much as everyone loves DSOTM I still think WYWH is better and my second is Momentary Lapse of Reason.
I am actually not a rock fan by any means, however, Pink Floyd is a rare exception. I love just about everything before 'The Wall', and WYWH is right up there. Brilliant.

All the later stuff sounds too corporate to me. I hate it.
I,m surprised at how overlooked Pink Floyds Animals is. I love that album and the Japanese pressing is great. Cheers
When the urge strikes me to listen to Rock, Pink Floyd are usually in the line up somewhere.

Best Shine on you Crazy Diamond, my preference is the live version from the vinyl box set of Pulse, UK pressing.

Having seen them live a few times the experience was riveting to say the lease.

Their Dark Side of the Moon tour with the use of quadraphonic surround sound and heavy dense fog through out Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto Canada stands out in my mind... Over 36 years have gone by and its still vivid when I think about it.
So yes I'm parshall to Floyds live recordings.

Which ever your favorite album, Floyd certainly put a lot of effort into their recorded releases and for the most part many first or early domestic and over seas pressings are decent. Don't worry there is total garbage pressings also everywhere.Later issues to new re-issues of today.
For the hard core there may exist of any given album that one splendid set of pressings that trumps the rest sonically.
For me Meddle, my favorite Floyd studio Lp, is an eye opener.
Loss of interest in SACD? There are now over 6,000 releases (check out SACD (dot) NET, a "neutral" reference source).

Yes, the "mass market" American consumer never developed any "interest" and the pop/rock market have "lost interest", but the format is alive and well.

A search found Theo's remark above - sad to say, doesn't seem to be any response from the "powers that be" about WYWH, which has perhaps my favorite saxophone solo - with the right speakers, the imaging is wonderful. Not to mention the high quality of the album as a whole.

"Powers that be" - get WYWH released on surround sound! I'd vote for SACD, but if there's an audio-only Bluray format ready for market (that is, beyond just a theoretical "capability"), then be pioneers in BluRay...

But get WYWH release in surround sound!
Cornan, Dick Parry's sax solo is just fantastic, totally agreed. You can see him really wail it live on the DVD set of "Pulse", as well. Worth owning, and I believe that the mix of the remastered DVD set is in some kind of surround sound as well. In the special features section of the disc, you can see Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins do the song "WYWH" with the band, minus Waters at the induction ceremony to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. More fun stuff!
For you hard core Pink Floyd fans, I would like to bring attention back to Pink Floyds vinyl 4 Lp deluxe box set of Pulse.
"This is what all Rock Lps should sound like" however unfortunately they do not.

The best of the best of other Rock Lps that I have are quite good though only a handful approaching the sonics of Pulse.
Incidentally two other Floyd Lps are among this handful, The Wall and Meddle.

This 14 year old UK box set is a tour de force block buster that has sonic consistency on all eight sides, a rarity indeed.

I would easily rate this recording as the very best among my record collection in the Rock category.

Of course it's rare though like anything else that exist on vinyl, good clean first release mint and near mint pressings do turn up found or for sale on occasion.
Though this box set was released as limited edition with no further re-pressings.

This is a must own....
24/96 Master from the Original Tapes (Computer File).
Your comment,I assume it's about my rave of Pulse.

"What is the source of your information"?

For a Rock Lp it's my best sounding in the Rock category of my collection by a fair margin and surely would blow your mind if you heard it.
However I have Jazz and live Folk Lps that are over 50 years old that Floyds Pulse recording could compete with.
Best "Wish You Were Here"?

probably this one :-)