Best "Wireless" Headphones?

I know best and wireless don't go together but I need a pair for occasional TV watching. Any experience or suggestions out there? Thanks...
I know some of the Sennheiser Headphones are wireless and affordable, I doubt (like you) that they will blow you away but have good range, good charge, and good price.
I suggest the Sennheiser HDR65. I bought some 120's for my wife and liked the no cord freedom despite the clunky phones. I then read some reviews and purchased the 65's, though they have been discontinued. (Tiger Direct has the refirbs for $100. )
The wireless phones themselves are very good quality-sound wise- though not as good as the best. However,they have their own amplifiers, somthing that I had not given sufficient thought. The amps are pretty good- though again not as good as the best, yet better than the uual receiver headphone output (HK). The real wild card is the FM reception for the phones. At best it is a little noisy-at worst it is unlistenable. Trial and error with location is the only alternative.
I own Sennheiser wireless headphones for my TV viewing late at night. I like them very much; they offer quite detailed sound, however the bass is a bit weak. I wish they did not have the "auto-off" feature though - unfortunatly, this feature cannot be disabled. By necessity, the phones are a bit clunky and make my ears hot and head hurt after awhile.