Best "Used" Audiophile speakers for 1000-1500

I just got my federal taxes done and I'm in the "red"; so, I can't spend $4000 for hi-end speaker this year or maybe ever. Need some input on buying a good "used" audiophile speaker for somewhere between $1000-1500.I realize this is a narrow range but I'm sure somebody out there needs the cash and may want to part with a good to mint pair of speakers which retailed for near $3000. Can't wait for better times to come around!! because, I am tired of listening to the cheap pair of mid-fi cans I found in my friend's basement after I sold my B&W's to finance my dream hi-end speakers. All advice appreciated.
pro ac speakers. well built, musical.
How big of a room, what type of music, any specific placement restraints, what type of gear are you running, specific preferences, etc ??? Anybody can make suggestions but whether or not they would be suitable to your situation requires more info. Sean
Saw some ACI Jaguars listed today. If I was looking for monitors I might check them out. Last pair sold in a couple of days.
Yes, try the ProAc line. I have the 1SC's, which are small monitors, available used here for $1350 or so, but you will also need good solid stands (I use Sound Anchors, but there are other good ones out there available used as well). Also, consider the smaller Vienna Acoustics floorstanders, Bachs or Mozarts. They should be around your price range, and I also love this line of speakers. Great sound, great looks.
You can get Monsoons new for this price - also Martin Logan SL3's possibly used and the Gershman Acoustic Cameleons that are a few weeks old for 1199 a great speaker - look them up.
Occassionally $1500, but usually a little more is a pair of B&W Matrix 802-S3. The Matrix 803-S2 are very nice also.
Thiel CS 1.5s, Magnepan 1.6/QRs, and Sonus Faber Concertos are all very different, but very fine solutions in that price range.
Audio Physic Sparks
Meadowlark Kestrel Hotrods
Well, my two cents:

The B&W 802II is a great choice, I agree! However, they do require substantial power, clean at that. With this said, the 805's for about $850 AND a Sunfire True sub (about $650-750) is EXTREMELY tought to beat AND the 805's do not require the power of the 802's!

You can substitute many subs to make up the lower end, but for a monitor, the 805's are tought to compete with. For what it is worth, I do LOVE the HALES REV ONES too!

Oh, if you have the power to run 802II then THE best speaker sub $2,000 (B&W 801M) is the Energy Veritas 1.8's!

Not bad recommendations. However, if you really want a dependable, tested, and great sounding pair that will play everything from medieval to RAP music. Than that is one the only one Vandersteen 3A!
Meadowlark Kestral Hot Rods--ditto. You'll forget about hifi craziness and just enjoy your music collection. Wonderful speakers, usually available used for around $900. Hard to go wrong there....
spica tc-50 with stands on sale here at agon ...
Then supplement with a quality sub from REL or ACI.

Not the only option ... but for a total of $1500 would sound pretty damn good. Imaging, bass midrange .. all there.
Dunlavy SM-1s, add a sub later if you want full-range response. Even without, the SM-1 will get you to the mid-40s in a typical room.

It might be possible to by a pair of SC-IIIs for around $1500 or so, and you'd get some bass extension (mid-30s?) vs. the SM-1. Note that the new DAL management has just discontinued that model, replacing it with the SC-IIIa (nee Cantata), making the price of used/demo SC-IIIs a bit more affordable.
I second Fineberg's Thiel cs 1.5s with the addition of a used subwoofer.
In this price range, no list is complete without the Vandersteen 2Ce or 2Ce Signature. This model continues to set the standard for high-value and performance among speakers that retail for around $1500.
I picked up the ACI Jags mentioned earlier. If you are looking for monitors for medium to large rooms you won't go wrong with these. Very musical & transparent speakers. They are also wonderfully crafted and gorgeous to look at. And, they come with stands. Or, consider new ACI Saphires. I should note that the Jags will rock happily when asked to.
Anything by Martin Logan in this range.
I must agree with those who choose Vandersteen in this price range. You cannot go wrong with a used pair of 3A's. Not the most refined speaker on the market, but one of the most musically enjoyable particularly at the $1500 price point. I do not think that any full range speaker comes close at the price point. IMHO.

I have to admit that these are the kind of threads that throw me for a loop. How can anyone suggest such a critical product as speakers without knowing ANYTHING about the environment or type of use that they will be seeing ???

The only thing that we know is that Jim had B&W's at one point in time. As to which models they were, if he is still in the same room, running the same gear, what he liked or disliked about them, etc... is anybody's guess.

If i didn't know better, i would think that most of you are suggesting that if someone were to build a system based strictly on "good" products and "good" brand names, it would sound "good". In my experience, those are the types of system that end up with a LOT of headaches and dis-satisfaction involved. Am i wrong in taking what i think is a logical step or conclusion to how this thread has developed ??? Sean
I would suggest the Spendor SP 1/2. A very neutral sounding speaker that provides hours of listening without fatigue. By all means listen to them at a dealer first. There are some for sale on Audiogon (Both new and used).
I agree Sean, but even if you knew the answers to the usual and any other questions, you still will not know enough to confidently suggest anything. Buying speakers unheard based thread recommendations, if that is what the orignal poster is attempting, is ugly. I would only suggest that he only purchase what he can hear. Although, with used, you could resell...but what a headache that would be. Good luck to you, I do not envy you.
Apparently, he (Sunnyjim) isn't so much concerne or interested in this thread when he even didn't answer the first post, that you (Sean)left regarding the issues mentioned above. Most recommendations where based, i assume other 'posters' did too, upon taking in consideration an 'average room size, average music choices, and if you will average mid/hi-end gear'. So relax and check other threads that may use your advice. And as Garfish would say: CHEERS! Happy Mardi Grass!
I agree with Sean . I watched this tthread develop since yesterday. My first instinct was to say that all speaker manufacturers make a speaker in this price range so take your pick. I refrained from being a wise guy waiting for Sunny to answer Seans original question. Today I see more posts of those recommending their favorite. One thing I've learned in sales is that if you don't find out what the customer wants the product to do, how it will be used and general info on their main objective, you will never be able to help that customer to make a good decision. If you offer them brand a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,etc. and tell them about all of these products, they walk away totally confused.
I think that until we know the answers to the questions that Sean has posed we cannot give a good answer to the question. Therefore I will refer back to my thought yesterday; Most all audiophile manufacturers make a speaker in your price range. Just pick one and let us know how it sounds. It will probably be as good a decision as picking someone else's favorite.
My recommendation, based on MY tastes and room considerations would have been to buy a pair of Maggie MGIIIA's (600-700)and use the leftover money to help with the purchase of a pair of VTL 225's or even a Conrad Johnson Premier Four. Those are IMO magical combinations, in the right room. Again, for MY tastes, I have heard few systems that can create the majestic and full scale, dimensional sound that larger Maggies with the right TUBE amps can create; they must be tubes and you must have a fairly large room. I think it's remarkable that one can have that kind of sound for not much over 2000.00 in the used market.

But I think Sean has taken this thread in an interesting direction and I could not agree more; it would be productive to follow up. The issue of why Sunnyjim has not responded and given further information, necessary for intelligent feedback, is perhaps a little premature (it has been after all "only" 24 hours since he posted), but it raises the issue of forum etiquette and I think it would be interesting to discuss it in the context of the original thread subject.

I think a poster has a certain responsibility to follow through with requests for certain pertinent information or even simple acknowledgment of advise or opinions that many folks take time out to share in an attempt to be helpfull and good "club" members. There are many times that it would have been appropriate for the thread poster to simply acknowledge the responses to the original post, and nothing is heard again from that poster.

I think that etiquette has a practical side to it; as in the case of someone setting up a system or wondering if a certain cartridge works in a certain tonearm. If the person soliciting opinions follows up and posts the results of a recommended component or tweak, not only is it courteous to do so, it further helps everyone else who is part of this forum. So, Sunnyjim if you're out there, we want to hear from you.
To those respondents of my post, I am sorry I did not provide the basics asked by Sean. I did not want to really waste anyone's time with this, and to be honest am knowledgeable about many of the products you have suggested and so either like or dislike them. Nevertheless, I will provide some of information that Sean has requested. For the record, I e-mailed Sean with this info only because I did not think my plight should preoccupy these pages and every member of this website. But,I sincerely appreciate the frateral concern of those who want to base their recommendations on more data. So here it is: Equipment: Conrad Johnson PV-8 preamp; Aragon4004MKII amp; Sonographe SC-1 CD player; VPI 19JR turntable/Audioquest P-6 tonearm and a Sumiko Bluepoint cartridge. Cables AudioMagic SpellcasterII between pre and power amp; Synergistic research Alpha Sterling between preand CD. Room:15X18 with a 13 ft sloped cathredral ceiling.Far wall is a sliding glass door with approx 4 ft of wall on each side. To the left of sliding door is a straight run of wall of 15ft which opens into a dining area.Across from this wall is an angled fireplace whose wall continues and hooks to the right to frame the living from and opens into dining area. My former speakers were B&W Matrix 3/Series2; they were a 40 inch three way speaker---- one model down from the famous 802 and 801.Excellent midrange and dynamic, but imaging was restricted to area of the box and soundstage was shallow. I want to improve on the performance of this speaker especially in the area of imaging and soundtaging. I listen to fusion jazz, some big band music, 60's rock and lots of Grateful Dead. I have listened to, and will pass on Martin Logans, and Maggie 3.6 (I know this will sound like hersey to some readers.) I have heard previous models of Vandersteens and have not been impressed, but have not heard the 3A Signatures. I would also like to avoid the monitor speaker/subwoofer route, though I would seriously consider a monitor by itself that has tight and decent bass. I hope this is sufficient information.... Finally I want to again thank all for their time, concern, and friendship. Best regards, Sunnyjim
Axiom M80s ... Bang for the buck...
Are you counting out all dipoles? I happen to know an Apogee Duetta Signature will surpass any speaker in that price range in every way. Apogee Stage speakers are also great.

Sounds to me like your priorities include midrange at least as good as the B&W's, lively dynamics, and excellent soundstaging.

I just cruised over to the Full Range page, and saw for sale there a couple of pairs of Meadowlark Shearwater Hotrods, a pair of Tyler Acoustics Taylo reference monitors, a pair of Dunlavy SC111's, and a pair of Audio Physics Tempo's. I'd think owning any of these would be an enjoyable experience. I'd probably go with the Shearwaters.

You didn't ask me, but I'll volunteer it anyway: I think the Aragon amp is not up to the level of the rest of your system.

Now, if it was my money, I'd sell the Aragon for something tubular, and snap up a pair of original Quad ESL's. But then, I'd probably even settle for Maggie 3.6's in a pinch...

But it's your priorities that count, not mine. Best of luck to you on your quest, Sunnyjim!

I've seen these here for $1500 or so. At that price they are a heck of a bargain.
now that ya provided room & equipment info info... ;~) used thiel 3.5's will do it for ya - real imaging & soundstaging, and true low- frequency extension - -2db@20hz. *but*, i'd check out a pair of vmps rm2's or neo 626's brand-new, ist... ~$1600 retail, cheaper if ya can install the drivers & wiring yourself, & dealers have been known to offer some discounts... these speakers have a ribbon midrange & tweet, coupled to a carbon-fibre woofer. the midrange extends from 166hz to 10khz, so no x0-over distortion in the critical frequency range. i can't wait to audition them, & their larger siblings, the rm2 & rm40...

doug s.
Oops, by 'these' I meant Audio Artistry Dvorak
hi steved, i guess that explains the title of yer post: "Audio Artistry Dvoraks"... ;~)

doug s.