Best "RedBook" player out there

I'm looking for a new or used cd player that plays just regular red book cd's(maybe hdcd).No sacd's/dvds.My budget is under $3000.00.I'm have a Sonic Frontiers cd-1 that i'm currently using.I'm looking for something with a anolog sound and a large soundstage.Any suggestions?
youll get a bunch of a linn i like ikemi, or newer magic
I second the vote for a used Ikemi or a new Linn Majik. There are of course other options as well - these are just my favorites (by a wide margin)in this price range among the players I have heard. But tastes do vary.
Yours is a common question with 20-30 standard replies. I'd suggest searching the archives.
Only a "Spaz" would think he could get the best red-book player for $3000...............sorry couldnt resist:)
If you dont require HDCD the Wadia 6 meets your requirements.
Naim cdx or cdx2 both have hdcd and are extremely musical.
Buy A Consonance Linear 120 save yourself $2,000. It is simply superb no upsampling no elaborate electronic fooling with the data. Just a pure great sounding CDP you hear the tones and timbres that were recorded made to use with 16/44 but reads others. Very refined sound good WAF. Honest try it! Ilove mine.
Doge 6 with upgraded tubes for $1500. If it was made in North America or Europe it would retail for $4995, Stereophile would have an 'A' rating on it and call it a screaming bargain.
The best way to spend your $3000, IMO, is to invest it into a hard-drive based system, not into a redbook CD player. More bang for the buck. Greater versatility, and arguably equal or better performance depending on the DAC you use. Your entire CD collection at your fingertips. Ripped in lossless format, with a good DAC I'd bet you could not tell the difference. I certainly cannot. Here's a simple system that could be very rewarding:

Mac Laptop (iTunes standard) - $900
USB DAC (Apogee, used Wavelength Brick, used Bel Canto 3, or others as many are becoming available these days) $1000-1500
Two reliable 500gb external hard drives (one for music library backup) - $400

If you already have a computer you can use you can devote more to the DAC, or go for something like an Empirical Audio offramp and the DAC of your choice (non-USB).

Other than that, as Grant suggests, plenty on the subject of $3000 redbook players in the archives. Many to choose from. The best is certainly the Electrocomcaryaeroprimaraysoconsowadiameridian modified by APLExemplarwright to their Platinum Premium Ultimate Statement with five external tubed power supplies and umbilical cords the size of garden hoses in gold-wrapped, silver-infused copper with mystery boxes attached. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a digital watch with a round sticker on it to put on top.

Spend $2,500 on a great high end transport and $500 on a DAC.
I think you should forget about a cd player and buy a good turntable.
Overall stock value if you are into SACD as well (have enough of them alklready) would be top end Sony player which has lot's of folks modifying it.Think value buzz lately has been about Raysonic but coudn't say.For ultimate I'd say either the top Linn or the Merdian.But spending tht kind of dough when we don't know what is happening yet between HD and Blu-Ray is kind of nuts.but if you only have three years to live I'd say merdian G808.
My Naim cd5x continues to impress and wow me with organic and natural sound and retails for $2995.
Many others like Resolution Audio Opus 21 & the Electrocompaniet unit, both are under $3k used.
See the thread I started on audioasylum.

For a 1 box, I'd try an ARC CD3, Mk I for $2200-2400, or Mk2 for around $3k.

I ended up with an ARC DAC3 + Levinson 31 transport. I paid less than $2500, and its amazing. Its miles ahead of what I've used in the past 2 years. Here's my history:

Started with a Naim CD5 + flatcap2 about 4 years ago. 2yrs ago, it was replaced by a Rega Planet 2000. I found the Naim too bright and tiring, tho the bass was nice. Last year, I picked up a Pioneer 563 on a'gon ($250!), that had been modded by Underwood Hifi.

This clearly was significantly better than both the Naim and the Rega. Both were sold a few months ago.

The ARC DAC3 was then used with the Pioneer as a transport. Better than the Pioneer/underwood. Very analog like, with a big soundstage. Tube rolling the ARC took it to a new level too.

But, with the arrival of the ML 31 transport, I'm done playing with the stereo!

An ARC CD3 is supposed to make a great transport too, and I almost bought that till I found the ML31. So, another route is to get an ARC CD3 Mk 1, and wait till you find a great DAC to go with it.

Or get a previously modded unit thats been used, where someone else had taken the depreciation for the mods. Maybe a Denon or Sony.
Though they're a bit hard to come by I would recommend my Tube Technology Fusion CD64. It's a great Redbook only player that marries the same dac used in Chord's famed DAC64 to a discrete tubed analog output stage with a pair of 6922's. It's a steal for $4K new, if you can find one used jump on it!
Rega Saturn should be on your short list too.
Audio aero capitole used.
Look at Oppo 205
Look no further!  Dynastation Dynavox 2.  You will Not Be Disappointed!! 

Another option: Get a Bluesound Vault 2. You can rip ALL your cds to FLAC files. Also have the ability to stream hirez files. I think Tidal, Spotify and other sites will be offering better and better digital sound files such as MQA. With this option you can also keep upgrading the external DAC in the future. This way you can have all your cds stored as FLAC files AND have many more musical playback options.....
I believe your Sonic Frontiers has a tube output stage? I think an Audio Note UK CD 1.1x would give you what you're looking for.
Maranta reference series! Marantz and Mcintosh and Denon are owned by same company and share technology! Even the lower end Marantz has its advantages! Marantz products arnt like in the the 60's and 70's , but their still quality!
pennsyMaranta reference series! Marantz and Mcintosh and Denon are owned by same company and share technology!

That's no longer true. McIntosh was sold by D&M Holdings, who still own Marantz and Denon. Mac was sold to Fine Sounds, who also owned Audio Research. The company was then taken private and now calls itself McIntosh Group.

To get the very best out of RedBook (pcm), get a R2R Multibit player, like a Mark Levinson No 39, or a Linn CD12 MkI, II or III, or a Naim CD555 with or without 555 power base. All these have the proper Pacific Microsonic hdcd chip in them.
My pick in order would be Naim then Linn the ML

Cheers George

"The company was then taken private and now calls itself McIntosh Group."

McIntosh Group consists of McIntosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Wadia and Sumiko.  


McIntosh Group consists of McIntosh, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Wadia and Sumiko.

If you want to be complete, it also includes Pryma.