Best "plasma style" main speakers

My home theater setup has limited me to shallow, narrow front speakers. I have The TV (60" Sony 1080p rear projection) in a corner. The room is 15' by 20'. The TV if flanked by two set of windows. In this configuration (which I am now committed) I cannot have deep or wide speakers. I just bought a used set of Mythos Ones off of Ebay and they arrived damaged. Fed-Ex just took them away to be returned. I am now questioning my choice in speaker selection and wonder if anyone else would have a suggestion for about the same price point (~$2000)? I would love to audition any suggestions. I live in Indianapolis Indiana. I plan to use a SVS PB12-plus sub and have not purchase any surround speakers, which is good since my plans were just damaged during shipping.
B&W makes the XT line for exactly what you are trying to do. They also have an LM series that may be worth looking into.
New Mythos ST SuperTowers. They are getting rave reviews. Sound much better than the older Mythos line.
Morel makes and attrative wall mount set up.Cosidering many speaker manufacturers use their drivers think thier worth a check.Also the Starcraft(?) in wall speakers with standard gortex drivers and front mounted (co-axial line I guess is what you'd fcall them) get good reviews.Think new Gallo's should sound great.But look arround everybody is making them so if you like say Klipsch check out theres,B&W,etc.And more on the way since 2009 is whaen Hi-Def TV is congressionally manadated so more flat speakers with be sold.