Best "on wall" speakers

I need some suggestions regarding "on wall" speakers to use with a plasma display for a HT/Music system.
Is there such a thing as a "very good" sounding on wall speaker?


I have a pair of Legacy Harmonys. I really like these speakers. They are meant for in/on wall installation, but mine are mounted on wall.

You can buy the mounting boxes from Legacy, but they're $700. Kinda steep! I made my own (I have a woodshop) for about $150 worth of solid cherry and 5 hours time.

If you have a chance to auditon, DO IT!!!

The Definitive Technology Mythos might be right up your alley. They sound pretty good.
Give a listen to some Vandersteen VSM-1's.
If you are able to find a pair of Dunlavy WL-1s, you should give them serious consideration. They image excellently and have the colorless sound of the Dunlavy lore. Good bass and mid balance. I know a cabinet maker that is still making WL-1 replicas because he liked mine so much and was unable to find some for himself in the finish he wanted on the new or used market. People would hear his and offer to pay to have him produce some for them. Finally he caved in and now builds them for friends and family. They are more handsomely finished than the true WL-1s. Best Regards
VSMs by Vandersteen are superb.
Spendor makes one now- I believe the S5, and in fact there's a review of it at
Thanks for all the suggestions.
Another one I want to check out soon are the new B&W FPM-6 or 5.
Interesting don't you think?