Best "Green River" Available on Vinyl?

Just picked-up the recently released 180 gr vinyl "Green River" on Analogue Productions and was a fairly disappointed with the overall sound quality. Is there a better version of this classic album out there?
The 45 rpm version with selected cuts is very good - as good as this album is going to sound, imo. Note that this does not include the entire album.

"The Best Songs From Green River"
the original recordings were never spectacular, so even the 'bettered' re-issues are average at best....the songs and performances however, are indeed spectacular and should be in any 'rocker's' collection.
I agree; love the music...just wish that a little more care had been exercised when the original recordings were made...still awesome music though...
Jaybo and Stickman said it.
I think the Sweet Thunder release of Green River sounds best.
It comes up on the used market every once in a while.
BTW, for really really well recorded and very good Creedance-like stuff, try John Fogerty's more recent recordings. I can vouch for the fact that "Full Moon Swamp" sounds about as good as anything in its genre and this is Fogerty at his best....he seems to be more in control of production quality and a stickler for details these days with his recordings than he was able to be perhaps in his "greener" Creedance days.

Even "Centerfield" from the 80's is a pretty good recording, as I recall.
Has anyone heard "Lond Road Home". This has alot of Credance songs, and is a 2006 recording. I have the 45 rpm of Suzy Q. I am brain dead on the b-side tune, but I like it even better. Anyway, no complaints here on sound quality of this one. I also am very happy with my 33rpm Willy and The Poor Boys. Both of these are the Acoustic Sounds vinyl pressings.
The Fogerty release is actually titled "Blue Moon Swamp" and the sonics are terrific.
Whoops, Audiofeil is right. I got my Moons confused.
Don't see "Blue Moon Swamp" on Acoustic Sounds or Music Direct... where can you get that vinyl?
Hmm. Not sure if there is vinyl for this title. It was released back in the 90's during the great vinyl depression.

I was referring to the standard issue CD.

I wouldn't worry too much about vinyl for this one. The CD can be had for not much and is about as good as it gets for pop/rock music sound wise.
Cd Universe is selling BMS for 7+ bucks. Has anyone checked out Long Road Home, just asking again.