best quiet small speaker, integrated amp - cd

i use it at work. it needs to be played quietly. the system i have now has no base, and not much high end when played quietly, The speakers are about 3 feet in front of me and 4 feet apart.
I've heard the powered Audio Engine speakers, and they sound great, for near listening low volume. If that's what you are looking for. The small speakers that Peachtree Audio uses in their demos (sorry can't remember their name) sound excellent at low volumes as well.

if you have the space and money, nothing sounds better than Quad 57's at low levels, but they take up space, and cost quite a bit for an office, but if you have a really nice office, and can afford them....
You know, check some of the posts by the pro's here. Bongofury always recommends the ATC's which I have heard many times, and loved, but never tried to play them nearfield/softly!!

Bongo, where you b? Give this guy some advice.
ATCs don't sound very good at low levels IMO. Actually, many of them need to play a bit louder than average to open up.
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