Best qualified surround speakers for home theater

Please explain in detail your best surround speaker pair that matched sonically with your front left/right/center and was convincingly capable enough to keep for a theatrical movie surround experience.....Thx....
I would assume that the easiest solution is from a surround speaker from the same manufacturer as the L/R/C speakers. Ideally, it would be the same speaker as used in the fronts.

I guess I don't fully understand what you're asking, so if that doesn't answer your question please clarify what you're looking for.

Which brand wether it is matched or not to the front was the most suited for surround duty. Great dynamics, ambience, timber match etc...
The qualities that make for a great front speaker are the same qualities that make for a great rear speaker.

Speakers just convert electricity into noise, the better they do it the better they sound. Front, rear, top, bottom, it doesn't matter.
Bacardi wrote:
Which brand wether it is matched or not to the front was the most suited for surround duty. Great dynamics, ambience, timber match etc...

I think that is a silly question as stated. Too many variables. Besides, how can it both be "matched or not to the front" and still be matched in timbre?

Narrow it down a little. Size? Price range? Room size? Associated equipment? Anything?
Sufentanil got it right. I currently have an all-Gallo Reference surround system - 3.1 Refs for Front L/R, Ref. AV Center for center (duh!), and Ref. AVs for the rears.

Prior to that, I was first using some Paradigm Atoms. They played, but were not a good match at all. Then I was using Gallo Dues for Center and surrounds. It sounded pretty good but the timbre-matching was not ideal. Finally, the system took a noticeable leap forward when I put the Ref. AVs in place of the Dues. They were significantly more expensive, but well-worth the investment.

The left-right and front-back transitions are now "seamless", there is no obvious "hand-off" from one speaker type to the others. This results in a much more enveloping soundfield and the sound quality is definitely improved.

I am now *quite* satisfied with my system's overall sound quality with the exception of my subwoofer. Once I get the funds, I will probably opt for a Velodyne Optimus or DD Series subwoofer or soething similar. Having a subwoofer with enough "coneage" (12" or 15" driver) and "grunt" (big power) and a built-in DSP and room correction technology is very important for the 16-60 Hz region.

Conversely, I may retire the sub and power the 2nd voice coils on my Ref. 3.1s using a sub-amp/crossover combo. The Ref. 3.1s are supposed to be able to dig down to 22Hz when doing this properly. I have heard this combo and it sounds very, very good.

Finally, it would be helpful if you could tell us what speakers you are currently using...

Not silly at all. I will make it simpler. Which surround speaker brands can anyone suggest with great dynamics with solid state amplifier.

I am running Casta Acoustics model A's across front and Axiom QS8's for surrounds with a Theta Dreadnaught 1(200x5) amp and Emotiva Pre processor. The Casta's have a custom horn with an 8 inch woofer in a sealed cabinet. Thx
In my opinion the best type of speaker for use as home theater surrounds would be a line array or some variation on that theme. Here's why:

You want the relative loudness of the left and right side surround speakers to be as uniform as possible for viewers who are well off to one side. SPL changes much more slowly over distance for a line source than for a point source, so there will be less loudness discrepancy for the viewer who is way off to one side. Of course the design still has to be executed well, but if I was tasked with designing a high-end home theater surround speaker, that's where I'd start.

Offhand I don't know of anyone making a line array speaker as a dedicated surround speaker, but Magnepan makes a wall-mounted surround speaker that is a pretty good first approximation.

The best speakers have the best cabinets, best crossovers and best internal wiring. Best cabinets means less colouration. Best crossovers means depth and a wide stage. Most speakers even expensive ones all make poor or average crossovers. They give what we call a 2-dimensional stage. Many brands even expensive ones use simple and cheap copper internal wiring. Only a few use pure silver internal wiring. For surround ( also for stereo) you want the best respons ( timing). And speakers with a high spl so they can play loud without any stress. Hoe much money you want to spend to the whole package?

The absolute perfect timbre match would be to use a pair of Casta Acoustics model A's for your surrounds.
Tls49 wrote:

The absolute perfect timbre match would be to use a pair of Casta Acoustics model A's for your surrounds.
Amen. There are much better speakers out there but they are irrelevant and the choice is not made in a vacuum.
the surrounds are a non-critical (a relative term for illustration purposes herein) manufactured sound created my your multichannel processor or multichannel AV receiver that generally does not compare to a hi end 2 channel system.

Hence it generally does not perform the same with the critical expectations and characteristics as a (L-R) two- channel hi-end audio system.

The point: The surround speaker synergy with your L-C-R front speakers and your multi-channel hardware kit is your takeway, but thankfully ameliorated by the non-critical discussion above.