Best projector in the 6000.00 range

Looking for a projector that gives a clean sharp picture. Short throw and which screen would work best. Looking for a used one. Would be sitting about 9ft away. HD would be a plus. Thanks
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I've found good info. at Projector Central web site in the past: There is also a great forum for all things video:

Also, hit up the which is probably the BEST video site.

At the CES2004, I saw the new Epson LivingStation's. They came in 2 (16:9) sizes: 37" and 47" (14.8" and 16" deep). The retail prices will go for $3,495 and $3,995 respectively. Every who has visited this area was stunned at how good these are. Not only was the picture smooth, it was sharp with no smearing very close to the best plasma. Epson said they waited a long time for this design in order to enter the home entertainment market. From what I can tell during my 45 minutes visit (long for me at any HT station), all the dealers were crowding around this exhibit in order to get product representation.
The LivingStations also come with Photo-on-Demand feature. There are 4-5 different slots for memory cards on the front pull-down door (including SD card). Plug in your memory card and view your photos on a 16:9 47" screen. Add to this the ability to print any photo on the go. Just load in your paper cartridge the way you would load your copy paper! Add to this the ability to change your projector bulb and filter by opening a small door in the front. All plug-and-play self maintenance. I guess Epson was more looking to making money on the photo paper supply and cartridges, hence the comparatively low retail prices for these untis.
I took a picture of this unit. Also brought a prospectus back because I'm intending to buy this unit.
They should have hit the market already. Good luck.
Oops, I meant $4,995 for the 57" model...
I also meant to type 47" and 57" NOT 37". It's still too early here before coffee!
At the rate projectors change,a used one is the better buy.We have several online dealers that sell at good prices and come w/ warranty.---Getting the right screen is also important. The Sanyo plv70,Sharp 9000,and 10000,Sony 11 or 12ht are hard to beat;used /w/ warranty.
No discussion grougs yet, but to buy don't forget
1st check out Also, if you've never had a projector before, try a sony vplhw10 or vplhw11. These are around 2500-3500 used. They do hi def incredibly well. You might like em enough not to spend more money. I have had my 10 for 3 years now...I've never wanted anything more...I have a pic of my setup posted on my system...

I've seen better...but not worth the $$'s. Save it for your music system!
Jfrech I have heard by more than one person that the Sony is a very good projector. I have had a Vidikron crystal one LCD for about 6 years now . After seeing the newer projectors it really makes a difference. What screen are you using. I also want a projector that does HD and has a short throw around 8 Ft. Thanks HTsteve
Hi, Htsteve. I'm using a Stewart studiotek 100. My projector is about 12 feet from the screen. 8 feet will work...I've had mine on a coffee table before I mounted it...

ps HD is great on the sony.
As mentioned earlier, check out for wealth of info you need. There are three major front projection technology (LCD, LCOS and DLP). If you are not sensative to "rainbow effect", then DLP is the most popular technology as it gives you a nice balance of rich colors, deep black level, and great resolution. For $6K and short throw, I'd look at BenQ 8700 and a nice screen from DaLite, Stewart or Draper (grey material, hi power or classic white depending on your room/setup situation).

If you go with DLP, stick with a projector with HD2 chip (Sharp 10K, BenQ8700, Marantz vp12s2, InFocus 7200, etc.). They project awesome pictures and are cheaper than the new HD+ variants. You should be able to find them for $4.5K (for BenQ) to $10K (Marantz, Dwin, etc.) and once set up properly, their picture quality should be quite comparable to one another (don't let the sales people tell you otherwise). If you can spend another $2~3K, by all means get a HD+ model (Sharp 12K, Marantz s3, etc.). FYI, I am currently using a Sharp 10K with 106" Draper 1.3 gain screen and a HTPC, and the result is a breathtaking movie experience even with relatively modest 5.1ch audio set up (Denon 5700 with Gallo Micros).

I spend more time with the movie setup than I do with my 2Ch stuff (Kharma speakers with Berning amp), and that is saying a lot. Good luck.

I talked to a guy at the CES show while waiting in line to see the Runco Setup they had with all Krell Audio system. When the dimenstration was over he said he liked his Invocus better which was saying alot. The picture was amazing . Of course it should of the runco system was 50,000. I have seen the new Sony 20 and it is about as good as you can get. The price was 3500 new and on line i have seen them for 3100. I think that is a good deal . I just bought a 4340 Pioneer plasma for a great price on line and am very pleased with it. I am wondering wheather I should get the Pioneer DVD player to What do you guys think