Best Projector/DVD combination

I'm looking for the best LCD Projector and Progressive-Scan DVD Player configuration, for around US$ 15,000. Does the progressive scan output works with the LCD Projector as fine as it works with plasma tvs? Can anyone indicate me some equipment (projector and DVD Player)? My Pre-Amp is the Lexicon MC-1.
Flavioleoni: In my humble [opionion] Sony vpl-vw10ht with Sony dvp-s9000es. Both have very high reviews. Good Luck.
Flava Leoni, I have seen some of your posts asking about DVD players. Have you done any research on the Camelot Technology Roundtable? This player is widely regarded as second only to the Ayre D-1 at $13000. The Roundtable retails for $3500, but I have been seeing them used around here lately for as low as $2300. The Roundtable has just about every digital goody that Camelot has to offer in the one chassis and might be what you are looking for.

For further details goto and see: Here, you will see a DVD player shootout and see where the Camelot beat up on some fru fru Theta stuff. Also goto and see some really cool pics. I like mine plenty. Just a thought.
Thunders is absolutely correct. I have seen the Camelot Roundtable, and it is the best DVD player yet,
(excluding the Ayre). I have the Sony 9000ES, and it is truly excellent,( I have owned 8 or 9 DVD players to date) but paired with the Sony projector will present you with the Red Chroma problem inherent in all DVD players using the Genesis chip. I believe the Roundtable has CD upsampling as well.
Bmpnyc believes correctly on the upsampling, my only complaint(s) on an otherwise perfect player is that the progressive output at the component video outs cannot be turned off to interlaced (means that you cannot utilize components if T.V. is not 480p capable and if so, you gotta use s-video for 480i), and the thing doesn't do CDR/CDRW's. This really bites because I have a ton of CDR's. (I had to pull my junky Denon out of the closet for CDR playback).

Oh yeah, and I don't really like the fact that it shuts itself off after 20 minutes or so if not actively used--wish it would just stand at attention for me. Other players are starting to use the same video chipset that the Ayre and the Camelot are using though, just not sure which ones.
Thunders, I think it's the DVDO version II. We are getting close to what people really need, an all format player, with 5 channel capability with digital and analogue outs, that automatically follows the video flags enabling an automatic switch between 480i/480p without the current Genesis chip. Camelot would probably have made a second generation DVD player addressing J.T's issues by now ,but their player is based on the Panasonic A-110, and they are not in limitless supply, so they will run out of a source machine. The Panasonic didn't have the red chroma problem either.
Thank You for your feedback.
Thunders, how does the problem you mentioned affect me, considering that I intend to buy a projector which is "progressive-scan" ready?

What about the EAD TheaterVision P? How good is it? I heard it has the DVDO chip also.
Flava, It isn't a problem with the player, it is a problem with the player's poor, broke, owner that can't afford to go out and just buy everything he sees and likes, in this case, a progressive ready T.V. Put another way, I can't use all it's performance. Put another way, it won't affect you at all if you run it into a hi-scan projector.

Bmpnyc, you got it all down. I did ask the guys at Camelot whether an all in one player was in the works (if so I could bide with something else). They said no. Also, the guys at Camelot (Mel shilling) are about the best I've yet seen in terms of customer support. Bent plum over backwards when we thought we had a problem with the player. Turns out, the player's owner is not only poor and broke, but also stupid from time to time. :-)
Thunders and Bmpnyc, I read a review on the Camelot Roundtable that, besides saying that it is a great player on both sound and image quality, said that, unless you are gonna use its "extras" features, like better S-Video Output, the aspect ratio button, and others, it may not compansate to pay the US$ 3,500. Considering that I won't be using any of its "extras" features, I'm kind of thinking that I will be buying a priced DVD Player and paying for more that I need. That's why I was considering buying the EAD Theatervision, which uses the DVDO chip (at least I think) and sells for only US$ 2,500, or even the SONY 9000ES. What do you think?
Flavio, The new Denon DVD player (2800?) uses the DVDO chip, and can be had for under $700, but I would go with the Sony 9000ES as I did, unless you have, or plan to get a projector soon. The 9000ES has a gorgeous filmlike picture on my Toshiba HDTV through the progressive scan out, and shows no sign of any problem other than occasionally falling out of prog. scan for a second or two when a DVD flag is missing. The red chroma problem is said to show up on a really big screen. It is there on smaller screens, but I haven't noticed it yet. CD playback is good enough to make me forget about a high end player for CDs, I listen to a Delios, Purcell, with a Theta transport a lot, and I would put the Sony up against it any time.The SACD is just a great bonus in my opinion. The player would be worth it's price without it.
I would get the Camelot; then again, I did get the Camelot.
Thank You again. I have to buy 2 dvd players for different setups. One will be used in my room, together with my SONY 42" Plasma Display and the B&K's Ref 30 Pre-Amp and Ref 7250 5ch Amp (the speakers are the Martin Logan Aerius i, Cinema and Scripts, together with the Velodyne HGS-10). In this setup I think the best will be to go with the Sony 9000ES, considering the rest of the configuration. The other dvd player will be installed in a brand new HT that my father is building (that was the reason for this thread in first place). In this HT we are gonna include some "more high-end" products. As per today, we've decided to go with the Lexicon MC-1 Pre-Amp and the THX Speakers system by MK (yes... I know this is not the best sounding speakers for music, but this is a dedicated Home Theater and we won't be listenning to music at all - and yes... I now the ML are way better than this). We're still looking for the right Amp, DVD Player and Projector. Maybe, in this HT it will worth to go with the Camelot. What do you think? Besides the DVD Player, do you have any Projector recommendations?