Best progressive scan DVD player for under 1500???

Have Toshiba 40H80 HD ready 16X9 rear projection tv, and am wondering if someone could recommend the best quality (picture first) DVD player to use with progressive scan output! I don't want to spend more than the TV for a player (tv was $2500 new). How about the Pioneer DV37??? Toshiba's???...Sony's???...other? I think I want a player that passes below black level IRE 0???..any suggestions, comments????
Sony's 9000ES is the best picture I've seen. The build quality is excellent and it does pass the below black level IRE 0, when set up to do so. You can set the below black level to black (which might be the default--so you have to change it when you get your unit). While I haven't done a direct comparison to the others, I can say the picture quality on this unit is very impressive. I must also let you know that I do not use it in progressive scan as I use a Faroudja outboard processor that only accepts interlaced inputs (except for the bipass for HDTV).
Hi Zexxtool,

I would recommend the Sony 9000es, it has an excellent picture and it also can also play SACD's.

Or you could get a Pioneer Elite DV-38A and be able to play DVD-audio as well.

Just my 2cents, Brian
You already have a Toshiba TV so go with the awesome SD 9200 DVD player.
I find it has the best picture that I have ever seen plus it plays regular cd's as good as most high priced cd players.
Retail was $2000 but Toshiba just dropped the retail price to $1500 and you can buy it for less than that.
This unit weighs 31 lbs, takes an upgraded powercord, and the build quality is impressive.
Hi Zexxtool,
Check out the DVD player comparison at the site below.
Happy listening and l@@king!
Hello Zexxtool:

I have three recommendations for a "progressive scan" DVD player, and they are ALL under $2K. And they are:

(01). Pioneer Elite DV-38A -- $1,800.00
(02). Sony DVP-S9000ES -- $1,500.00
(03). Toshiba SD-9200 -- $1,900.00

And by the way, the Pioneer Elite DV-37 is very nice too. I happen to own one. I had mine going on five months now, and I am using mine with a analog/interlaced Panasonic CT-27SF37 Direct-View TV, and I couldn't be happier. If you want get a killer picture out of your brand new Toshiba 40HD80, and don't want to spend no more than $1,000.00 (and I paid $700.00 for my player), the Pioneer Elite DV-37 is a great way to go.

Let us know which player you decide to go with. Good Luck.

I have a 56H80 and a 65H80, I must say that for the best bang for the buck, go with the panasonic RP-91. I am totally happy with the progressive quality. I got mine around 500 off the net.

Not certain with the doubler however I hear the DVDO Pro is great! Usually 400 - 600 used......
Put another check mark in the Sony column. I wholeheartedly endorse the DVP-9000ES. I love this player.
Try the danish brand Thule they make a model called DVD 250 B and another called DVD 250. The DVD 250 is only a drive with video dacs but no music dacs. The DVD 250 B has music dacs and balanced outputs. They both use 12 bit color video dacs which really is much better than the 10 bit. I have compared the picture with both the Pioneer 737 and the Sony DVP-S 9000 es and found that the Thule makes the best picture. But when comparing the CD playing capabilities of the same machines the Thule destroyes the Sony and the Pioneer.
I know it is smaller brand but try it and you will never look back.
I think their Surround pre-amp was tested in Stereophile and recieved a fantastic review. Try reading it to get a general idea what kind of quality we are taking about.

I have had the sony 9000es,tosh 9200,and the EAD Theater Vision P in my HT and I can say that the sony came in a close second. The audio on the 9000 is awsome,both SACD and redbook. The TVP is simply the best playback I have ever seen. The TVP also won an award from a magazine. I didn't buy it for that reason. I sold the sony only becouse of the uncertainty of SACD. The TVP can be had for about 1700.00
p.s. mits 65907