Best professional TEST CD?

(see title) :~)
There is a cd called "Do You Love Me" By Johnathan Butler very very well recorded jazz cd some vocals great tester
The Stereophile Test CD is very useful
The Sound Check/Test Gold CDs by MFSL, which have been out of print for years. Good Luck if you can find them. I was lucky and bought them when they first came out years ago. Much more accurate than the Stereophile Test CDs.
Try XLO's Test & Burn-In CD, it has everything you probably need. Sweeps, reference recordings, etc. I think you can get it directly from XLO. I found this disc better overall when compared to the Stereophile disc, which I used for a long time.
To the above, I would add Chesky's "The Ultimate Demonstration Disc".
Both the MFSL Sound Check/Test cd & the Chesky Ultimate Demo Disc have been very useful during auditions and setups.