Best product/way to clean CD laser lens?

I have seen some of the CDs that you insert and they use a brush...and others have said have an audio shop do it. What are your experiences cleaning a laser lens?

I have been using the Maxell CD Lens Cleaner for 12 years. I have two of them. One for the main system (listening only)and one for my CD burner. Never had a problem. I also use compressed air every other month on the equipment.
I use ALLSOP ULTRA PROLENS CLEANER (CD with micro brushes)
MAXELL Blu-ray Lens Cleaner (Wind Funnel - touchless)

Maxell has hole in CD that creates wind blowing dust off the lens without touching it. When it is not enough I use ALLSOP.
I would never clean the lens.
I keep the CDs clean instead.
I use a cosmetic Blush Brush (I actually have four of them just for CD and DVD)
I brush off any CD or DVD I place in a player every time I use the item.

Just a quick note thanking you for regularly sharing your knowledge on these threads:-)

I have to clean my lens every month,sometimes 2-3 times a month with Allsop and mofi#9 stylus cleaner otherwise the soundfield and treble height extension lose reach on my Oppo.