Best processor/reciever for 800 ? Sony, Adcom?

I am a two channel guy who is dabbling into HT (again) and wanted some tips from the pros.

Looking to spend around 800 or less on a pre/pro/ Music sound is irrelevant only HT performance. Would a reciever be a better match in this regard?
I was thinking of the Sony ES unit or the Adcom 760 in terms of a pre-pro and combining with the matching 5 channel amp. I am not looking for 6.1 7.1 sound etc. I can't do with anymore speakers in the living room. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
There is ONE processor that FAR outplays (in theater) than ANY OTHER processor at any price less than $7,500, that would be the Lexicon DC-1. With THX/DD, about $750-850 preowned, while the loaded version, DTS/DD/THX and will be selling preowned for about $1,150.

There is no better HT processor shy of the new MC-12. Even that would be a question. You would have to be a VERY trained ear to hear the difference, IMHO.

I bought and returned the Sony 5ES & Yamaha 2200. The denon3802, rotel, marantz7200, Integra 6.2 and others never even made it home. I was upgrading from the Marantz 880 and found the two most musical and clean sounding. The sony doesn't do multi room well and has way too much crap (50dsp modes to fight through) with an overstuffed remote. Rotel just lacks features, same with arcam 200. Denon is older and needs upgraded. The marantz is easy to use with nice features but sounds flat. Integra didn't sound as good as the Sony/JVC and had limited features.
The JVC does everything but make the popcorn! It is qutie hard to use some of the features but very nice. I got mine as a refurbished unit(90 day warranty) for $825. If you are paying full retail, the Outlaw is a nice deal (499).
The only unit that may compare to the JVC is the Onkyo 898 but I doubt it?
Good Luck
I used to own an Adcom 760 pre/pro, and thought it was a reasonably good surround processor for the price, although less satisfying for music reproduction. I think there are now a number of units on the market that offer comparable or better performance for less money.

If you want to save some money and still get a unit that will satisfy your HT needs, take a look at the Outlaw Audio 1050 receiver, or their new 950 pre/pro. Outlaw sells its products over the Internet. The 1050 has gotten excellent reviews, and sells for $500 new. The new 950 pre/pro sells for $900.
Here is the link for more info: