best processor for around 5000 to6000

i have just sold my casablanuca 2 to downgrade hy home theater system and concertrate on the tube system for a while. i would appriciate some suggestions . especialy preamps with balanced outputs
Try BAT VK50SE. It's fully balanced in and out.
I have been using the California Audio Labs SSP 2500. I have been happy with it. It includes a Pronto remote, it has an analog bypass, but no balanced connections. I find the sound top notch. It is completely programable. It can double as a high quality two channel DAC with very little lost.
Fosgate Audionics FAP-V1 tube pre/proc looks real interesting if you want a HT setup and like tube sound.
I'm curious, your headline suggests that you are looking for a processor for around 5-6k, however, in the body of your thread you seem to be looking for a preamp.Are you looking for both or just one?