best processor for 50/50 ht/2 channel system

hello all
still wondering what the best processor that does doublt duty, video switching, dts, dolby digital and is upgradeable for around 2 k used is?
any thoughts?
Integra Research RDC-7 (switches component) and is completely supported and upgradable, Proceed AVP-S (switches "S" only) but support and future upgradability is in question.

EAD Signature is a great piece, but unsure if it switches.

I would not let video switching dictate your choice over sound quality in a processor. I would highly recommend not to use video switching but to invest in cables and a display that has multiple component inputs. I would think that really the most anyone would need would be two component inputs, one for the DVD player and one for your HD tuner. Your best VCR's and camcorders only have S-Video outputs and most better monitors will accommodate this. Use the switching on your video monitor. If I were to recommend a single unit for both 2-channel audio and HT, look at EAD and Krell. The previous post mentions EAD. I believe EAD does not have video switching. Their optional video switchers only controls s-video.
I agree with Porschecab, The RDC-7 is an amazing piece and definitely upgradeable. I have had mine for 2 years and have never looked back.
Anthem AVM20. I'm mostly a two channel guy and the AVM20 sounds like tube gear; it's so smooth and natural (IMO). I owned an AVM2 for 28 months and just loved it to death. All my audio buddies agree that it sound great. The AVM20 is better in every way.

Good luck.
My favorite Pre/pro was Bryston's SP1.7. It has NO video switching however. Used mostly for music (80% or better) and 10-20% movies FWIW. I, like Islandflyfisher, dont care for video switching.

I auditioned and liked, Sunfire, Integra, and Krell, plus a few others. But those were the top four IMO.

Here I am sounding like a broken record, but I strongly suggest in-home auditions if your dealer allows them.