Best pro/amp combo under 3k

Looking for recs on a good pro/amp combo under $3,000. Will buy used. Mostly use it for home theater. Definitely don't want just a receiver. Clear dialogue is extremely important.

Center (orb audio-mod4')...hoping to upgrade to Gallo Ref Center A/V
Fronts: (Gallo Ref 3.1's)
Rears: Orb Audios
Sub: yes

Listened to an $8,000 McIntosh amp with $7,000 pre-amp (loved it but too expensive).

Any advice appreciated. I currently have a Denon 2806 receiver and do not like the sound I'm getting out of it.

I read some good reviews on the Integra prepro for about $1600 new and Anthem $5000 new. They have excellant up-to-date video and audio switching. The articles were in Home Theater Mag. Seems you can mix and match the amp. Dan
What would be a good macintosh separates combo in the $3k range?

Here's an amp.... Pricing will allow a lot of room for a processor and many dinners out.

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Even a used Denon of a higher model number or other manufacturer's receiver would provide better sound than the 2800 series receiver. Check into used THX certified model from Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha or Marantz, or the new top of the line Onkyo.

For separates under $3000, look here:

-Outlaw Audio 990/Outlaw Audio 7125 (new)

-Integra DCT 9.8/Rotel RMB 1075 (new)

-NAD T175/NAD T973 (all refurbished at Spearit Sound)

-NAD M15/ NAD M25 (all used)

-Rotel RSP 1098/Rotel RMB-1077 or (all used)

-Parasound C2/Parasound Halo A52 (all used)

-Odyssey Stratos HT5 amplifier plus one of the processors listed above (new or used).

Or, mix and match.