Best pricing on Salamander Arecetype?

Can anyone tell me what dealer will give me the best pricing on new Salamander Design Archetype? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know about right now, but when I bought mine, Audio Advisor had the best prices, although I think they were so low due to some sort of promotion. Cheers!

Go quickly to ... There is a Arch 5 demo pair for $129 as well as caster/wheels, extra shelf and cable management system. The rack itself is the standard version, don't know if you are looking for the higher up version. In whatever case, audioadvisor is a good place to get Salamander stuff.

Also on Demo stuff, if you type in Coupon Code 701DM10W they will take off another 10 percent when they process the order through August 3rd

Go get em Lak!
Check out Home Depot and build it yourself for 1/4 the cost.
Check out eBay under home audio. has been dumping their stock of Salamander Archetype stands for the last several weeks. I see twelve different models up for bids today.