Best pressings I've heard

I recently picked up a set of records from The Longines Symphonette Recording Society the set is The Golden Treasury of the Boston Pops, Arthur Feidler conducting. After cleaning them up I thought i would give them a spin and I was blown away. I don't believe i have heard records sound this incredible before, completely holographic with a huge soundstage top to bottom, back to front..jaw dropping good. Folks you won't hear this on a cd.

1. Has anyone else heard these?
2. Where can i find more?

Now I know why i spent all this time and money,
mesmerized in CT...zen
Hi, Check out "The Swing Era" on time life records, it's a 14 volume set with 3 records to each volume. The sound is really good on these. I have the full set.
Try Reader's Digest Gilbert and Sulllivan excerpts, basically the sound of Faust on RCA.
Hey Zen,

After seeing your post I just bought a mint version of this on ebay.

Thanks for the tip. However If I don't agree with your sonic assessment
I may just be forced to drive up to CT. from NY and demand my $14 (including shipping) back from you.
I just got off EBay myself and found a box set similar to the one I have (different music) i think I got it for $5- plus s&h. I hope the quality is the same. The pressings i have seem to be 200gram or thereabouts. very heavy.
E- come on up we'll spin a few with a couple of cold ones.