Best Pressing Recommendations Please

I am starting to build up my vinyl collection (yeah, I know about 20yrs too late) and would like some recommendations for the best sounding pressings of the following must have albums:

Miles Davis "Kind of Blue"
Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain"
Dave Brubeck "Time Out"
Dave Brubeck "Gone with the Wind"
John Coltrane "Lush Life"
John Coltrane "A Love Supreme"
The Doors "The Doors"
Led Zep "Led Zep II"

Thanks for your recommendations.
Classic records ( has released some of these titles and they are excellent. They also released some as single sided 45's and they are magnificent. Unfortunately, some have already sold out, but you see them on eBay for a premium price. Impulse reissued the Coltrane titles on 180 gram vinyl a while back and they are also very good.
I agree with the above, as far as The Doors , DCC has the best vinyl pressing. I don't belive there is a current pressing of Brubeck's Gone with the Wind, you will probably have to find a used copy . Good luck, I have every title you listed on vinyl and they all sound excellent.
I agree with both of the posts above. The Classic reissues have been criticized in the past for being less sweet or lush sounding than the originals, but they're just getting you closer to the master tape, IMO. They are quieter, more dynamic and have better bass than the originals, and to me that more than offsets the slight loss of some of the warmth of the originals. I like the DCC reissues as well, although I have noted on many of the ones I have from them that the tonal balance seems fuller, more tilted to the bass than the originals, which seem to have more treble energy. Anyone else notice this, or do I just have mediocre original pressings?
Since you like classic jazz. If you can find one, my best sounding one is a Sheffield Labs direct disk Dave Grusin album. I am not at home but I think it is titled Wondering Again. I've heard its a collectors item??? You may want to go to and see what the current offerings are.
The classic records is definitely one of the best. Try to get the 45 RPM re-issue if you can. They are much better than the 33 RPM (which are already excellent). Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain were issued at 45 RPM (Kind of Blue was a hybrid--part 45 part 33). Coltrane on Analog Productions--I think the Impulse versions of Cotrane are not very good--despite some very good reviews. The Analog Productions are much better. They may even have a few test pressings left--which are great sound--but you have no liner notes. DCC has some great re-issues--and some not so great. I haven't heard either of the two you have hear. I do have Led Zep I, which is okay--but not stellar (again my opinion varies greatly from most of the reviews I've read on this one). Most of the DCC jazz is superb--but the rock I've heard is not at the same level. Simply Vinyl is putting out some super rock re-issues. While I don't think they have rights to either the Led Zep or the Doors--they may have some others along those lines.
I have The Doors "L.A.Woman" on DCC It sounds very wide and deep.One of the better sounding LP's I have.My DCC Van Halen isnt as open.
I have Led Zep 1 which is a Japanese import.My jaw dropped on first spin.The imaging is 1st rate as is the bass and inner detail.I hear things Im sure werent meant to be heard.Its as if I can almost see the performance.I love all the Japanese imports I own,but this is #1

I just got my copy of Led Zep 1 from Classic Records the other day, will let you know how it compares, but would expect it to be a superior reissue.
Thanks for all youyr recommendations. The hunt begins. Rcprince, I look forward to your review.